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  1. Hi @@tml and @@cde, Did anyone try this and get it working? I have one of the early msp430f5529 boards (rev 1.4) and tried to power the board from an external source (5V) and it's not working. I pulled the jumpers from the FET, 5V & 3.3V first then tried powering using the pins at the bottom headers of the board and on the 40-pin headers and nothing. Just wanting to know if someone got this working.
  2. Hi @@RobG, found a way to do it using a snip of code from the link you shared
  3. Thanx @@RobG, yes I've been scouring the forums here and wearing out Google, but I'll keep looking. Thanx for the response, I'll post back here if I find out how to do it.
  4. I'm now working with the sample Nokia LCD code on the SparkFun site and it's working very well. https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/graphic-lcd-hookup-guide/example-code-1-lcd-demo I'm now trying to figure out a way to get the included example bitmap image (an XKCD cartoon) to scroll across the screen (from off-screen-right to off-screen-left) but struggling with how to adjust the image in the "displayMap" array. Anyone use this code or do something similar?
  5. Hi @@calinp, The Petit FatFS library is working great, I'm able to read sounds, images and text files perfectly, but is there a way to have more than one file open at the same time? The library doesn't seem to support it, but I need to be reading sounds and images at the same time and my MSP430G2553 doesn't have the RAM to support buffering enough of either to do what I need. Looking at the library I was looking at using the lseek function to open each file and jump to the prev location, but I'm not sure of the consequences of doing so many open/seek/read calls back and forth or
  6. @@sirri, I only have 2 SD cards I have handy to test are 2GB or smaller. I'll see if I can locate any larger and test but a quick check tonight hasn't turned up any.
  7. Hi @@rotbeer and @@sirri, I was trying to use P2.2 for chip select CS but noticed the change in the library and now use P1.4. #define cs_pin 6 // P1.4 myerr = FatFs.begin(cs_pin,3); // initialize FatFS library calls I think this was my problem.
  8. I am experiencing the same problem, but my version of pins_energia.h seems to be correct based on the above comments. I have the latest version of Energia, 0101E0010 with MSP430G2553. The XIN and XOUT pins are not reacting correctly to the digitalWrite commands as the other pins are. Watching the pin via LED it pulses while communicating over other pins, like it's "communicating" not acting as the digital on/off I need. Is anyone else still having this issue?
  9. I have it working nicely with one, but Is it possible to control two Nokia LCD 5110's using this library? I would like to use them simultaneously and sometimes alternating.
  10. @@rockets4kids, I have Audacity already, will SOX audio library provide even more capabilities helpful to improving the quality of the sound produced? Trying to get the best sound possible for mono speech and some music (AM radio quality is fine, just need minimal noise).
  11. Anyone know of an easy way to convert audio files such as 'wav', 'mp3' or 'au' to byte arrays? The online tool in the article above didn't work properly for me. I'm getting an error something like this from his website: /var/www/vhosts/sci-toys.com/artists/libsndfile-1.0.25/examples/wave_to_launchpad /tmp/phpSuuJaI > /tmp/bar I thought I had found something during my searching last night but forgot to bookmark the app, and now I'm not able to find anything either as a program or web app. Anyone else saving audio as byte arrays to save on SD cards for playback on MSP's?
  12. I found exactly what I was looking for here: http://artists.sci-toys.com/speech This is working great!
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