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  1. jnwoofer

    Stellaris EPD Connection

    Ok, so I went with option 2, used the wire harness (which allows pins 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17 to be free) and changed from pin 9 to pin 17 (thank you PF_0!) for PWM in the header below LM4F120 in EPD_PINOUT_Energia.h. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Based on reading the 430 forum and Github Energia/Pervasive issues lists, it appears that someone has successfully setup and tested the EPD Booster with Stellaris (LM4F120). I have acquired an older 2.7 Pervasive Display (which appears to require PWM) and booster board (version 1.5). Using Energia, I can successfully directly connect using my MSP430G2553 so I know the board/display is ok. I want to connect the EPD to my Stellaris -- since there is a PWM requirement, I believe I will need to use the wireharness (instead of direct connecting) and set up a macro for PWM to connect from a Stellaris pin to pin 9 of the EPD. In the EPD_PINOUT_Energia.h under the EPD_PINOUT under sketches, I see the PWM macro for MSP430F5529 -- what is the equivalent macro and pin mapping for Stellaris? The header below it for LM4F120 in EPD_PINOUT_Energia.h simply uses Pin 9 (which is ok for the newer displays which do not require the PWM). Please advise. Thanks! Jim