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  1. I would like to use COOCOX compiler with Stellaris and Tiva Launchpad. I would like to get sme sample projects or guidelines to develop the hello world, usb, serial interface to use for the Stellaris and Tiva Launchpads. Also what flash interface can I use?
  2. Monpetit, Thanks for the excellent step by step instruction. It worked great. I have given below a few changes I had to make. Thanks a million. Vijay Changes: I put the arm_math directory in ~/Energia/hardware/lmrf/libraries. In the test code I added #define ARM_MATH_CM4 removed #include <arm_const_structs.h> because it gave a few errors error: 'arm_cfft_instance_f32' does not name a type
  3. I have used the CMSIS DSP library in Code Composer Studio with the launchpad. For this I used the dsplib-cm4f.lib and the appropriate header files described in the TI application note and EuphonistiHack launchpad-freq-analyzer. I would like to use this library dsplib-cm4f.lib with .lib extension in the Energia. How do I do that? Links http://www.ti.com/dsp/docs/litabsmultiplefilelist.tsp?sectionId=3&tabId=409&literatureNumber=spma041b&docCategoryId=1&familyId=44 https://github.com/EuphonistiHack/launchpad-freq-analyzer https://github.com/EuphonistiHack/launchpad-freq-analy
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