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    Serginho reacted to Sterny in Questions on SFP transceivers in hobbyist projects.   
    I work in the storage industry, and my shop has a large amount of Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet SFPs that are getting replaced and many are getting scrapped.  I was working in the lab today and started wondering if any could be adapted in someway to get a couple MCU dev boards talking.
    I did manage to find a datasheet after some quick googling - http://www.avagotech.com/docs/AV02-0671EN
    So it's clear to me that at my particular stage in learning, interfacing with the board is beyond my capability.  But as I continue my education, I think at some point I'd like to take a stab at it.
    I was wondering:
    1.  Have you come across any projects or libraries which attempt to interface older SFPs with more modern MCU dev boards?
    2.  What are your general thoughts about this?  Is this a fools errand? I understand it's not very practical, but I thought it would be pretty cool to get two MCUs talking to each other and being able to dig deep in how it's actually accomplished.  
    Working in the data storage industry, I'm used to looking at FC analyzer traces and working problems within the protocol, and dump data from the end device products.  But as I get more and more into the actual electronics involved, I start trying to come up with different avenues of exploration.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Serginho got a reaction from jean28 in Hard to interface with Stepper Motors?   
    Hi Jean,
    I used a ULN2003 stepper motor driver from Ebay to drive a small stepper motor.
    I just took me four pins. Source code already available in Energia examples.
    Good luck.
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    Serginho reacted to Apaseo in ADC and Voltage measurement   
    That makes sense, I did not considered that the msp430 runs on 3.6v. 
    And I had my multimeter hooked up wrong, so yes when the voltage reaches 3.6 the value on the LCD is 0x03FF.
    One more thing, I am printing hex values to my LCD, and I have been trying to figure out how to display the decimal equivalent.
    For example, If I get 0x0939 I would like to be able to display 2361. Better yet, it would be awesome to be able to display 2.36 .
    I know that there is a way, but it has been a while since I worked with LCD's.
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    Serginho got a reaction from Apaseo in ADC and Voltage measurement   
    AFAIK, MSP max input value for the ADC is Vcc, so I am surprised to see a table with a 5V reading value. You would normally need a resistor divider or something similar to "measure" DC values higher than Vcc.
    Another point is that I have normally seen that ADC gives HEX values near 3FF when input voltage is Vcc, but your table seems to be reverse order.
    So I would suggest to share  your basic circuit schema and ADC mapping.
    Best regards
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    Serginho reacted to chicken in [Energia Library] Bosch BMP085 Template Library   
    I finished up my first Energia project, a template library for the Bosch BMP085 temperature and pressure sensor. It uses I2C and supports temperature in Celsius and pressure in Pascal.
    I connected the GY-80 breakout commonly found on eBay, but it should also work with most other BMP085 breakouts, like the ones from Adafruit or Sparkfun.
    Note that I had to patch Energia to make 1-byte read work on MSP430G2553 with Rev1.5 LaunchPad. I also had to remove the LED2 jumper, probably due to too weak I2C pull-up.
    Tested on LaunchPad 1.5 with MSP430G2553, StellarPad Rev A and Arduino R3.
    Energia requires patches 226 and 235 in twi.c for I2C to work properly on MSP430G2553
    - Tested with Energia 0101E0010 with MSP430G2553 and F5529, no more I2C patches needed.
    - Tested with BMP180 and Software I2C http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3777-energia-library-bosch-bmp085-template-library/?p=44410
    - Fixed I2C for Energia 0101E0016 by removing ugly hacks from the past from the library code. Tested only with MSP430G2553
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    Serginho got a reaction from grahamf72 in [Energia Library] MSP430 Real Time Clock   
    Many thanks for your quick reply!.
    The library is working perfectly and I am checking MSP time against PC one. Right now, almost 10PM, time difference since 8:53 AM is 2 seconds...VLO is compensating itself .
    I will let it run a couple of days to check trends. I will come back if I got something consistent.
    Up to now, I have not worked with DCO and I am not a great C coder neither. So I am keeping with VLO but considering "expending" 2 pins por XTAL, heheh
    Again, thank you for the library and also the time to support us.
    Have a Merry Christmas
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    Serginho got a reaction from dubnet in Hi from Argentina   
    Greetings from Argentina,
    I am quite new to MSP430 and Energia.
    I am really enjoying forum and all the knowledge shared here.
    Best regards,
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    Serginho reacted to Rei Vilo in [Energia Library] DHT22 Temp & RH% One-Wire Sensor   
    With the right links:
    I bought from Adafruit a DHT22 sensor that provides temperature and relative humidity. It uses a one-wire connection.
    Product: http://www.adafruit.com/products/385[/url] Datasheet: http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/DHT22.pdf Tutorial: http://www.ladyada.net/learn/sensors/dht.html Library for Energia: DHT22_430_main.zip
      The sensor works fine when powered at 5v or 3.3v.

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