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  1. Hi Balduino, at least in Energia 15 @ Win7 64bits, I have issues while starting Energia while I have *.ino files in libraries examples folders. So I moved all *.ino files out libraries path and IDE is working again. So a quick check for you may be just renaming libraries directory. hope that help you. BR
  2. Hi Jean, I used a ULN2003 stepper motor driver from Ebay to drive a small stepper motor. I just took me four pins. Source code already available in Energia examples. Good luck.
  3. Hi... AFAIK, MSP max input value for the ADC is Vcc, so I am surprised to see a table with a 5V reading value. You would normally need a resistor divider or something similar to "measure" DC values higher than Vcc. Another point is that I have normally seen that ADC gives HEX values near 3FF when input voltage is Vcc, but your table seems to be reverse order. So I would suggest to share your basic circuit schema and ADC mapping. Best regards
  4. Yeah,...windows can do those things. Even more, when using "Desktop" for the parent folder, we have to consider that Desktop is actually by default a link to "C:\documents and settings\USERNAME\desktop" a path much longer and with spaces. Not a very clever decision of Redmond guys. [Merry Christmas | Happy Wednesday] (choose the one that applies to your religion, ehehe.. BR, Sergio
  5. Many thanks for your quick reply!. The library is working perfectly and I am checking MSP time against PC one. Right now, almost 10PM, time difference since 8:53 AM is 2 seconds...VLO is compensating itself . I will let it run a couple of days to check trends. I will come back if I got something consistent. Up to now, I have not worked with DCO and I am not a great C coder neither. So I am keeping with VLO but considering "expending" 2 pins por XTAL, heheh Again, thank you for the library and also the time to support us. Have a Merry Christmas Sergio
  6. hi RobG, I have been trying to do that with Energia and a 2553. I could not find the way to make Energia use USCI A instead of B. I found many hardcoded files Best regards, Sergio
  7. Greetings from Argentina, I am quite new to MSP430 and Energia. I am really enjoying forum and all the knowledge shared here. Best regards, Sergio
  8. Hi, I using the Lib to turn on/off some lights during the day appart from other activities such as getting temp. I am using the internal oscillator and I configured RTCconfig.h (#define RTCUSEVLOCLOCK) and commented the first 3 def (WDT, Date and subSecond). I prefer not to sold the XTAL. I am trying to "tune" the VLOFREQUENCY value to get a closer result but even after changing VLOFREQUENCY drastically I am getting same time drift, almost half a second per minute. The last part of my RTCconfig.h is: //RTCUSEVLOCLOCK - enables use of the builtin VLO clock instead of the cry
  9. Hi Sirri, A bit late maybe, but I have just successfully tested a 8 GB SD HC card with a SD card reader same as the one in your picture and similar wiring (just changed PWR pins). I am using enegia .E0010. One strange behavior in my case (maybe my setup??) is that after changing a 1 GB SD by the SD HC one, my Serial monitor stopped showing anything. After trying LP reset I tried USB cable removal/reinsert. Just after that, serial monitor started showing data again. Strange because just removing and replacing the same SD Card just requires LP reset. I repeated the full process and I
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