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  1. I did not have the drivers installed. I have them installed now and it seems to have helped a little - an extra COM port is showing up now, and the serial monitor is showing things - although those things are garbage. Edit: Nevermind, I had the wrong baud this time. It works!
  2. I am just trying to do something extremely simple, such as: void setup(){ Serial.begin(2400); } void loop(){ Serial.println("TEST"); } Yet it does not work. I have rotated the RX/TX jumpers and it doesn't help, selected the correct board in Energia, selected the correct baud in the serial monitor and nothing ever shows up. Nothing is connected to my Launchpad. I am using Windows 7, I have also tried running as administrator. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I am currently installing CCS to see if it would work in it.
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