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  1. I got the Launchpad, RobG's 2.2" 240x320 Color LCD, downloaded CCS, got it all running ... realized there was no way to interactively test and debug a port pin, check a running timer, examine a memory location. Got Energia loaded and working, better interface than CCS. OK, let me clarify this all - CCS is great in a corporate development environment where multiple gearheads need to access, update and develop the same project, but, is total overkill for the small shop, hobbyist or student. Energia is cool as I can control the downloads, where as CCS seems to believe it knows best and provide
  2. Hey RobG ... Nice job. Got one of these for my embedded application prototype ... too right. Need a little help however. Would you post direct or by reference a data sheet that will allow me to program the LCD unit. Likewise some info on how to get to the microSD if I need to have some extra space, and perhaps any other memory spaces. Thanks man, keep up the creative effort, really glad your out here. LW
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