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    You may be selecting the source before it stabilizes, causing it to fall back to an alternative source. Make sure XT2OFFG is clear in UCSCTL7. The TI example program msp430x54x_UCS_8 from the 5418 example programs shows how to configure for XT2 and includes the loop below; there's probably an equivalent one for your chip in the code examples available at http://www.ti.com/product/msp430f5510#toolssoftware.

    // Loop until XT1,XT2 & DCO stabilizes do { UCSCTL7 &= ~(XT2OFFG + XT1LFOFFG + XT1HFOFFG + DCOFFG); // Clear XT2,XT1,DCO fault flags SFRIFG1 &= ~OFIFG; // Clear fault flags }while (SFRIFG1&OFIFG); // Test oscillator fault flag UCSCTL6 &= ~XT2DRIVE0; // Decrease XT2 Drive according to expected frequency UCSCTL4 |= SELS_5 + SELM_5; // SMCLK=MCLK=XT2
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