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  1. Thanks for the answer! That was the issue. In other news, my tideal experimenters board from the other day has arrived at home. My internship is over in 7 weeks and I might just learn to use this uC in time
  2. I'm a n00b. Using a F5510 uController... I have a 25MHz external oscillator tied to XT2IN and I want my interrupt to be at approximately 600Hz. The init code looks like this: P5SEL |= BIT2; // Port select XT2IN UCSCTL3 = 0x0050; // FLL SELREF = XT2CLK UCSCTL4 = 0x0555; // set ACLK source to XT2CLK (25Mhz external source) UCSCTL5 = 0x0000; // Divide by 1 which leaves 41666.6667 ticks (round down) 0xA2C2 //UCSCTL6 = 0x10F2; // XT1BYPASS (external clock source), SMCLKOFF UCSCTL6 = 0xD001; // XT2DRIVE (MAX), XT2BYPASS=1, XT2OFF=0, XT1OFF=1 TA0CCTL0 = CCIE; // CCR0 interrupt enabled TA0CCR0 = 0xA2C2; // upmode capture value should be 0xA2C2 if using 25MHz oscillator //TA0CCR0 = 0x36; TA0CTL = TASSEL_1 + MC_1 + TACLR; // ACLK, upmode, clear TA0R __bis_SR_register(GIE); // enable interrupts My interrupt seems to be running off a 32k clock instead. Any insight would be appreciated.
  3. I really only need something for working at home during the evenings so I can stay productive. Register values should be fine.
  4. Can anyone provide a link to a doc or insight into how to simulate/debug code without having the uController on hand? I did this often with CodeWarrior in class but have not found the answer for Code Composer. Thanks much! :thumbup:
  5. Hey all! I'm 77 days away from my BSEE and currently in an internship at a local audio company. I'm working with the MSP430 here at work and did a bit of uController stuff in various classes for my degree - though not with a TI product. I must say, I'm really beginning to enjoy embedded programming. Anyway, I'm glad I found this forum and hope to contribute sooner rather than later. Cheers, Morgan
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