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  1. Hi, i tried to use the tool and get code, but it's not working and i don't know why, have someone of you tried it like "username" and can give me a code example ? greets David
  2. It WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin: I've to use the Hardreset pin before i start the init THANK YOUUUU !!! If you want, i can send you the code. Then you have a example for an msp430f5310.
  3. You use 3 Wire SPI without the CS, is that correct? I've seen a trace from an arduino with CS ? Do you now what the difference is between the st7735 and the st7735R ? I've got the R. I've compare your init-seq with the one from the arduino and it's not the same.
  4. Hi Rob, Do you tested this "older" Code from you with a ST7735R ? I've traced my SPI Signal and i think everything is right... but i'm not sure if the delay timing is correct. What the peaks are you can see on the right side in the table. MISO is not connected -> FF The clock runs with 1Mhz
  5. 1.8TFT SPI 128*160 from ebay It have the ST7735 Controller. The Display works with an Arduino and the adafruit lib. I am not sure if the controller is depending on time? That the init seq for the controller is to slow.
  6. First success I've seen the first thing on my Display but then nothing happens's any more... is the spi speed maybe a reason? 500ns Period -> 4 Mhz?
  7. ? Are you sure? I think i have to change the registers or i am totally wrong? for my msp i tried to change the SPI Settings: #ifdef HARDWARE_SPI ///////////////////// // hardware SPI setup ///////////////////// // setup UCB0 //LCD_SPI_SEL |= LCD_SCLK_PIN + LCD_MOSI_PIN + LCD_MISO_PIN; //LCD_SPI_SEL2 |= LCD_SCLK_PIN + LCD_MOSI_PIN + LCD_MISO_PIN; P8SEL |= BIT1 |BIT4 |BIT5 ; UCB0CTL0 = UCCKPH + UCMSB + UCMST + UCSYNC;// 3-pin, 8-bit SPI master UCB0CTL1 |= UCSSEL_2;// SMCLK UCB0BR0 |= 0x01;// 1:1 UCB0BR1 = 0; UCB0CTL1 &= ~UCSWRST;// clear SW ///////////////////// #endif
  8. Oh stupid mistake.... It's still not work but i have to analyze the spi part, because with my logic analyzer i can't detect a signal And it's very nice that you want to write a f5xx driver i will need that Thank's ROBG !!
  9. Hi Rob and all the other, I used a MSP430F6638 100 PIN I have the following problem by building.... Description Resource Path Location Type #10010 errors encountered during linking; "USB.out" not built USB C/C++ Problem Description Resource Path Location Type #10234-D unresolved symbols remain USB C/C++ Problem Description Resource Path Location Type #20 identifier "P8SEL2" is undefined msp.c /USB line 44 C/C++ Problem Description Resource Path Location Type unresolved symbol setOrientation, first referenced in ./main.obj USB C/C++ Problem And i don't know why, #define
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