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  1. Someone knows about any piece of hardware, like the Sub_1ghz spectrum analyzer, that would do the trick (vswr, rejection loss, etc), for antennas up to 2,5ghz?
  2. Pull the crown, click next, ant there you have 2 submenus for setting the OLED brightness.
  3. It works quite nicely! First you have to configure the fet to work, select the correct usb address, 2-wire(spy-by-wire), and then the hex pops out! I took some prints, inspired by a guide from the metawatck wiki. First go to config menu: Then select 2-wire (the only supported by the launchpad), for the Ez430+Chronos, any of them will work; then select the usb debugger (Auto doesn't work for me) 1-2-3, the order is critical, no need to select any files, mine had one selected from anterior work. If check security fuse fails, wether something is not configured right, or the chip is prote
  4. I believe you refer to power pumps integrated into the silicon. I can't think of any discrete buck implementation that would yield beter results than direct operation, especially if your operating range matches the battery output. Maybe, in the very end of the alkalines life, when internal resistance starts to be a big problem during surge, upconverters could store enough energy in the decoupling capacitors so you can transmit your beacon (Low duty cycle). But again, the total loss during the other 90% of the discharge curve would compensate the extra juice extracted? Ni-Mh's have a near
  5. I guess A23 (Little 12v baterries) won't suit you. they will do 12v@80mah, down to 6~7v if i remeber correctly. Best way to power a msp if you have space limitations, would be a couple AAA's. a standard Alkaline AAA will do something like 1500Mah down to 0.8v, and Ni-MH ones will do 600~~1000Mah in the 1.2>>0.8v range Quoting an old entry in the linux manual: Avoid buck converters like the plague. In the world of small power budget, the worse thing one can do is to convert voltages.
  6. Looks like wether you can buy a spare programming clip, or a development kit (The one TI is selling, i believe), and than be granted a full ccs license to code for your watch!! Neat!! It sounds like you should E-mail them at ccs@metawatch.org, and they will license you. until there you can use the 90 days evaluation time.. Thanks @@BRey for the tip, haven't seen that on the metawatch forums!! Until now, i believed it would be the same headache as the Chronos, with the 16k and the precompiled packages..
  7. So, in last week's deal i got one Ez430 Chronos watch. Installed the last CCS, got almost a day of infrutiferously reading the e2e community reports on how to correct the **** path error on "C:\ti\ccsv5\msp430\include".. I ended up finding by miself these files were relocated to C:\ti\ccsv5\ccs_base\msp430\include. So i took the easiest way and just duplicated the whole folder to the place where ccs was looking for it. (didn't found out how to change this in CCS, and somewhere i read that it was a eclipse bug, so i decided not to discuss with ccs and do what it wanted). I was able to g
  8. Hi everybody! I'm Guilherme, from Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil ! Graduated as a factory automation technician, now coursing Geological Engineering at UFOP university I just had this couple boards i purchased during automation school, and now i decided to re-learn how to play with them!! So, after reading half this forum, i decided to subscribe, dedicate some time, and learn c++! Plus, if there is someone else from brazil arround who would like to groupbuy and source components (texas MCU's are specially hard to find here), Send me a PM.
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