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  1. The installation directory path cannot have spaces nor dashes. Change it to "energia" and it should be ok.
  2. All good points, the *dir &= ~bit should be out of the if and INPUT is 0. Regarding the OUTPUT with pull-somewhere, it actually has an effect, the LED on the launchpad works but much dimmer. The change of == into & intents to allow pinMode() to be used by pinMode_int() and save some code on pinMode_int(), but INPUT being 0 was a trap. The other constants are single bit and the original pinMode_int() makes use of that, but it "tests" for INPUT in a way that doesn't care it being 0. That's curious that INPUT is 0 but all other constants are single bit; maybe there's no impact in re-a
  3. There actually other problems with the thing in "special configurations" (one I can remember is you can't use an LED as a light sensor), but I'm curious about why can't you use it to drive an LED in that state (you mean a low current LED?).
  4. It's the same behaviour the original code has: if (mode == INPUT) { *dir &= ~bit; } else if (mode == INPUT_PULLUP) { *dir &= ~bit; *out |= bit; *ren |= bit; } else if (mode == INPUT_PULLDOWN) { *dir &= ~bit; *out &= ~bit; *ren |= bit; } else { *dir |= bit; } I suppose the drawback you have is a little higher current consumption, but won't change functionality since the pulls are "weak" (usually, I didn't actually looked at the datasheet for that parameter yet). The importance of this "higher"
  5. Hello, See attached a change to wiring_digital.c that can save at least a few tenths of bytes from the code size. It saved 94 bytes from my application on a 2KB flash chip (G2231). pinMode(), pinMode_int() and digitalWrite() were modified, from the latest Energia release (0101E0009). No functionality changed (I hope ). Just replace the file (under ...\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430\) and re-complie your sketch. Cheers wiring_digital.c
  6. Can a moderator please move this topic (and delete this message) into the Energia sub-forum please? Thank you
  7. Hello All, Sorry for the long post. I have the "original" Launchpad MSP430 with the xx31 chip and I'm on Windows XP (SP3, Portuguese language) with Energia. I was able to install the USB VCP driver from the Energia page (https://github.com/energia/Energia/raw/gh-pages/files/EZ430-UART.zip) but, when connecting the board to the PC, I would always get the hardware installation wizard from Windows, telling me "new hardware found" bla bla bla. I tried pointing the wizard to the drivers but he kept saying me that no drivers for the device were found. A device of type "Other" appears in the dev
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