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  1. Does anyone have an extra one for sale? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Chris. Eons ago, I used only DOS. Now, I prefer ease and comfort but those two cost money, usually. At first glance, your reply was not formatted and it scared me. Hah. Still does however, as I would prefer and i.d.e. - see above. Anyway, I just dloaded CCS ver. 6.0 beta and it has no limits except for 16k code. I will see how that does. Again, thanks. Joe
  3. Hi, Chris. Thank you very much for the reply. I have to laugh at myself as AFTER I sent the message about 'no one knowing', I realized that I had just posted the origial request message. Sorry. Doggone, it looks like using gccmsp is going to be complicated. I just wanted a good compiler in the public domaing to easily work with W7. Am I going to have to learn Linux or some interim interface to do that? Also, in your opinion, what is the best book to get to learn down to the nitty-gritty level of the MSP family. I am ASSuming that if I know about the MSP4302553, that will be sufficient to easily work with the MSP430F5529, is that correct. Again, thank you for the help. Joe
  4. I notice over a dozen viewers of my request. Is what I am asking so difficult or is it that those who have viewed just don't know how? Thank you. :-(
  5. Hi, I have never used GCC before and am having trouble getting mspgcc-20120406-p201209311.zip installed on Win 7. I have unzipped it and cannot find any 'setup or install' file. I want to use this complier for the TI MSP430F5529 launchpad. Also, I had tried using TI's Energia but that is almost like cheating and doesn't really let me learn as it does so many things for you, such as hiding the real commands. Can anyone please help me with this? Oh, what is the best de facto standard for the MSP430 family that really goes into detail on about everything? Thank you.
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