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  1. I've just tested this code again and it works fine on energia 12. On 14 and 16 the char-string conversion creates something odd! If you're not getting a card, but serial is working, then it's either the reader wiring or the reader isn't seeing a compatible card. Unfortunately there's no way to see if the reader is reading. I only have this working on a G2335
  2. I hope it works for you, it's a brilliant library with loads of potential uses.
  3. Hi No, it should be in your libraries folder. Look under the libraries section here http://energia.nu/Guide_Environment.html
  4. Have you downloaded the library and extracted it to your energia folder?
  5. Looks like you've not installed the library correctly. Double check it's in the right place
  6. Very cool, shouldn't be a problem for you with your intended setup, good luck with it I don't read my own signature!
  7. For me, an Energia library :-) I don't read my own signature!
  8. You may need more than 3 MSPs, TLCs will daisy chain but to many in a chain and you start getting timing and brightness issues, I seem to recall 6 or 9 being a reliable number but worth a test. You will need a resistor either way, it may seem largely irrelevant but it could cause a lot of heat issues if you don't. I have a project using 3tlc and 12v led strips, I had to keep each of the strips under 100ma or the tlc got too hot. The chip is still sinking current, even if you think you're providing the leds with exactly what they need. Also remember to add some decoupling capacitors to keep
  9. Igorx, this is for the msp430 launchpad, not arduino but both dev boards will take 5v and have a 3v output you can use
  10. My code is on the previous page, what doesn't run?
  11. That looks good Traxman What's the idea behind your MOSI/MISO setup, I've not seen it done like that before? The ULN with relay combo is working fine at the minute, are there any equivalents arrays with FETs? Just migrated my setup to a breadboard and it works perfectly, ready to stick it onto protoboard now.
  12. Hi RoadRunner Your answer is complete enough for me! I figured I'd come across problems trying to fudge an array of strings and chars but I'm not competent enough yet to know what else to do I double-posted for some reason and graham has suggested using another method that should hopefully improve using typedef struct instead. Thanks for the reply, any guidance is always appreciated.
  13. Hi Graham After a bit of pondering your code really makes sense, just looking at rewriting mine to incorporate it now, should save a few lines and tidy it all up a bit. I've not used typedef before but it actually seems quite logical, I'm assuming the order of variables declared should match the order they're listed in the array. Thanks very much for the assistance, this forum seems to have one of the best user bases I've seen in a while!
  14. Hi Graham Is that because I used char*? I'm not sure why the array would only work as char*, maybe because of the mixed type of values?
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