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    Jacob reacted to rockets4kids in [Mac OS X] Sublime Text 2 + SublimeGDB for MSP430 ?   
    I don't know about Sublime Text, but in Emacs all you need to do is specify the location of the msp430-gdb binary.
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    Jacob reacted to spirilis in Set VCC   
    TI's professional JTAG programmer for the MSP430, called the FET430UIF, has the ability to supply a Vcc rail to its target chip that is changeable in software, using mspdebug or CCS or IAR. This programmer costs ~$110 I think. 
    The MSP430 LaunchPad includes a "lite" version of that FET that TI produced years ago for their eZ430 series. This "FET lite" does not include the ability to produce a software-settable Vcc rail. TI chose instead to ship the LaunchPad with a TPS77336 voltage regulator which has a fixed output voltage of 3.6V.
    So the vcc setting in mspdebug et al is indeed there, just not supported (doesn't actually do anything) on the LaunchPad. And as a result the Energia developers saw no reason to support the feature inside the IDE.
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