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  1. Hey RobG, how could i rotate the display to 90 degree
  2. Reset to logic high ? there's still no change, are other pins are at proper places. ?
  3. Hello RobG, I switched to MSP430F5529, there is only 4-5 errors that was regarding clocks settings etc of Gx series of controller so after commenting those lines in "msp.h" there's no error left. but still there is only led On nothing as such. my pin connection are: P1.7 = MOSI P1.0 = CS P1.4 = DC P1.5 = SCLK P1.6 = MISO Vcc, Led = 3.3v reset = blank GND= ground
  4. Hey RobG, i was trying your new universal graphics library of ILI9341 (QVGA 2.2" TFT) with MSP430F5325. i did little bit changes regarding the Msp430x55x29 to Msp430F5325. but there is numerous errors. your suggestions are highly welcome. Regards: Sonu Verma
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