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  1. alpinistbg

    Blink example too slow

    Thanks Stefan! Now it works fine. I just wonder why the default 'Preferences/Compiler warnings' default value was 'None'. When changed to 'All' it gives at least a clue where to look for. Regards,
  2. alpinistbg

    Blink example too slow

    Hello, The Blink example works 16 times slower than expected on EXP430G2 rev.1.3 with MSP430G2452. Also enableXtal() gives up after >30 seconds. Perhaps some divider not properly adjusted. I wanted to play with the kids and Energia/Launchpad, but no luck :( Usually, I use CCS for MSP430 development, and I'm not quite familiar with Energia and the init sequence. Energia 1.8.7E21 (Linux 64), Launchpad EXP430G2 rev 1.3, MSP430G2452, no XTAL