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  1. Hello, I tried the Serial3 with no sucess. 1st try with the default ide, and the error was no Serial3 2nd try with the updated HardwareSerial.cpp and HardwareSerial.h, but no success, nothing transmitted and received 3rd try with all hardware code code from github, but also no success, nothing transmitted and received. I test only Serial3, (PC_6, PC_7) hand try also exchange the receive pin. I used a Mac with energia-0101E0009-macosx.dmg and a serial usb dongle (I tested the serial usb and works fine) Someone have a suggestion? Thanks. Alberto
  2. Hello all, is possible use the usb serial port or I need an external usb dongle connected on the serial tx/rx pins. Thanks. Alberto Edit: sorry I see the same post in the board.
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