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  1. Thank you for the quick response. If I connect a vm to the reset pin (p2, pin5) I see vcc 3.2v, when I push the reset button it drops to zero and does a reset. If I read resistance between one side of the push button and ground I get 100 ohms, on the other side of the button I read 1.7k ohms. I have no idea how to solve this. I will probably but a new CC3200SF and see if it will work. Larry
  2. I am stumbling with a simple problem and can’t seem to find a solution. I am trying to do a reset of a CC3200 LAUNCHXL(rev4.1). I first tried doing a Software reset, this did not work. My second attempt included an Msp430g2 to drive the reset pin on the CC3200 low via a darlington transistor. This also did not Work. If I connect a jumper between the reset pin and ground on the board, it also Produces no reset. If I push the reset button, I get a reset. I changed the jumper wire several times. I tried this on three separate CC3200 LAUNCXL boards none of
  3. PLEASE HELP. Does a method exist to do a software reset for the CC320EMT LAUNCHXL? I tried the following Sketch, which compiles and works for the CC3200 LAUNCHXL but not the CC320EMT LAUNCHXL It would not compile and produced this error warning: 'FlashIntStatus' initialized and declared 'extern' [enabled by default] extern unsigned long FlashIntStatus(tBoolean bMasked); C:\Users\lfree_000\Downloads\energia-0101E0017-windows\energia-0101E0017/hardware/cc3200emt/libraries/flash/flash.h:102:37: error: 'tBoolean' was not declared in this scope
  4. I am having some vision problems and reading the screen is becoming difficult. I am trying to edit the preference file to make text “bold”. I changed this line in preferences to: “editor.font=Monospaced,bold,20” it had no effect. I then changed it to: “editor.font=Monospaced,strong,20” it also had no effect. Can someone please help with this problem, thank you
  5. I need help, I am trying to get my nokia 5110 working with a CC3200 launchpad. I was able to get the Nokia working with the msp430g2553 using the LCD_5110 library. But no Luck with the CC3200, I also tried it with the LCD_5110_SPI library. I am hoping someone will share a working example for the Nokia on a CC3200. I tried the suggestions in this post. https://forum.43oh.com/topic/7768-problem-with-cc3200-and-lcd5110-library/?tab=comments#comment-62408 Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know when this fix for Energia version 18 will be available? “The CC3200 (MT) TI-RTOS based multitasking based core will be made available in the near future through the board manager. “ Thank you.
  7. I am having the same problem with The EMT multitask.. I am using energia ver 17 with cc3200 Launchpad. If run my program and select The “LAUNCHPAD W/3200 (80MHZ)” the same sketch compiles and runs without error. I can compile and upload Other multisketch examples (blink three leds) and they run okay. It appears the Problem is with Serial and Serial1 functions, Please help
  8. Thanks for the response. There is a ton of useful info on that link. I found the display stuff and was able to download what I needed.
  9. Thanks for the reply. That is not my post, but it looks like something i can use
  10. After spending many many hours of futile effort, I thought I would appeal to the forum for help. I am making some dumb mistake with my attempt to get the nokia 5110 lcd working. I am using the msp430g2553 with v17 of energia on win10. I downloaded the lcd_test_1_30_2017.ino
  11. Hi Everyone, I am using a CC3200 LAUNCHXL ver 4.1, with energia ver 17. I Installed the CC3200 and tested it okay with the
  12. Thank you for your help, I put together this sketch and it works okay now. void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { long a = 48; long b = 49; long c = 50; long d = 51; long e; e=(a*1000000)+(b*10000)+(c*100)+d; Serial.println(e); delay(1000); } ?
  13. ________________________________________________________________ I am using a launchpad with an msp430g2553 running Energia 17. I am trying to concatenate 4 integers into a single number int a = 48; int b = 49; int c = 50; int d = 51; I am trying to get this result : int e = 48495051, the result I get when running the following code is 18231, Please tell me where I have gone wrong. Can anyone provide a working example of Code which accomplishes the result I am trying to achieve. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);
  14. After many hours of effort, I can declare success. I now have energia v16 working on windows 10. Based on the suggestions in the forum responses I received, I proceeded as follows. Open windows explorer, search
  15. The permissions on Energia V16 include Full control Modify Read & execute Read Write List folder contents I am in the Administrators group. I think I will try the reset and reinstall of windows 10 suggested in your earlier post. Thanks
  16. I tried to find all the files from TI and then deleted them. I
  17. Thank you all for the comments and suggestion. Still no luck. Here is what I tried 1. deleted the two versions of Energia that I had previously downloaded. 2. Downloaded Energia 16 and extracted the zip file to the suggested folder
  18. Has anyone been successful with windows 10? I had been happily using energia 15 on my laptop using Windows 7. I took the bait from Microsoft and installed windows 10. Everything I have tested so far is working okay. The only program that is not working is Energia 15. I then downloaded Energia 16, but no luck. When I try and open Energia, I Get the splash screen, then it freezes. After a long pause I get a windows message
  19. Thank you for the responses. Here is the link to the library I used http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3375-energia-library-msp430-real-time-clock/ Due to my rush to implement this program I neglected to read through the Posting which described aspects and set up problems with the library. After reading through them, I may have discovered how to fix my problem, The library contains an RTCconfig.h file which must be edited to include crystal use. I will edit This file and see where it takes me. The author of this library did an excellent job with the documentation. I apologize
  20. I am having problems with RTCplus library and example programs, and hope someone can help me. I downloaded the RTCplus library (V-2). Along with the example programs. I am using a Standard launchpad with the 2553 chip installed. I am using energia v15. The example program
  21. Thank you for the responses, I have been using an old version of the
  22. I am trying without luck to understand the flow of the Enrf demo programs and libraries. I have set up a pair of Transceivers and they work okay with the demo programs. The libraries and demo programs are an excellent tool for Further development. I am an amateur at
  23. Thank you for the responses. I looked at eevblog current adapter and the extech meter. I think I will go for the meter. It
  24. Thanks again for the responses to my original question. My program now compiles and runs correctly. After reading the responses, I would like to measure the amount of Microamps that are actually being used by the low power modes. I purchased a 500 ua analog meter and an 200 ua digital meter. I could not get the digital meter To work at all. The analog meter appears to work, showing about 200ua of current When the battery is connected to the breadboarded mspg2553, but the program ceases To function when the meter is in series. When I remove the meter from the circuit The program star
  25. I had some time, and decided to try and resolve this. After a ton of trial and error I found A solution. I am using an HP pavilion desktop, so this solution probably wont apply to Other computers, but may get you on the right path. Remove launchpad from the usb connection Open windows task manager, then end the task entitled
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