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  1. I would like to confirm my understanding of the GPIO setup on the MSP430 - as I am seeing behaviour that suggests that internal Timer A1 functionality takes priority over the GPIO selection for a specific pin. I am using TI's sample application which is using Timer A1 as the source of System Time Scheduling
  2. Hi Paul, It turns out that it WAS a proxy problem after all. To fix this, in Eclipse, go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Network Connection. Make Active Provider -> Direct, all proxy entries become unchecked. I have managed to install the plug-in. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I tried to install the MSP430 plugin into Eclipse CDT (Version 3.7.2) by clicking "HELP" -> "Install New Software" and then typing "http://eclipse.xpg.dk" into the "Work with:" software site box but have not had any success. Tried on different machines as well as at office and at home with the same results. The status bar on the bottom right hand corner of Eclipse showed "Fetching children of h....xpg.dk:(2%)" for a long time and then times out. I could access the site through Firefox so its not a proxy issue. I am running Eclipse on Ubuntu 12.04. Any other way of installing thi
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