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  1. As a follow up, I found that if I removed the perimeter lines (wires) form the launchpad component (I edited the lbr file and just removed four lines from the component definition) I can auto route wires to a foot print larger than the physical launchpad board.  Not sure if this was the best way, but this does allow me to make my break out board much larger while still leveraging library.

  2. I am using the Stellaris launchpad, trying to create a booster pack (breakout board) for a home automation project.  Till now I have only used a breadboard for prototyping.  Now I am trying to use Eagle to make a PCB, so I am a complete novice with Eagle.  I have been through the Sparkfun Eagle tutorial, and I have Stick's fabhack library installed in Eagle.


    The launchpad component in the fabhack library looks like exactly what I need.  I can add it to a schematic and connect the pins to other components.  I can make a new board from the schematic and see all the wires, arrange my components, etc.  But then when I go to use auto rout I don't get any traces created between the launchpad and the other components.  


    I get traces for connections from one pin of the launchpad to another pin of the launchpad.  And I get traces between all the other components except the launchpad.  But nothing between the launchpad the other components.


    Any ideas?  Am I misunderstanding how to use this launchpad component?  Thanks so much.

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