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  1. thanks for the quick response! that helps. I'll continue to figure out the 'pulse..' commands for new stuff. regarding new parts - will this recognize/program my projects built with the msp430g2233? shannon
  2. I had great luck with my first Mpy app using this style example code. pulse_enable(0) pindir(P1_6,PULSEOUT) pulse_period(0, period) pulse_width(0, width) My second attempt at PWM stuff didn't work, so I looked for more examples, like "lux1.mpy" which seemed to be a great example for what I needed. But, except for: define_micro('msp430g2553') all other lines result in "undefined reference" when trying to compile. I don't understand how/where these included files come from, or why these examples don't work. Can anyone shed some light on how to get "lux1.mpy" to work?
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