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  1. Hello Gaston, Thanks, but I have read that already of course. I was hoping to find help in the Energia environment, based on the touch library. My knowledge of low level prgramming is too limited at this moment to understand TI examples, but I think I will dive into that and try to make my own direct implementation, so I can adjust variables. Hope to get it to work. I now made it with a wire touching the pads to make them 0 or 1, and then the system works very reliable, just have to get the touch buttons right and 100% dependable.
  2. Hello, I have made a led panel control using the M430G2452 chip. I use the standard software as in the Touch examples CapTouchButton software, only with 10 buttons connected, on pin P1_4 to P1_7 and P2_0 to P2_5. Some work perfect, and very stable, but some just give a touch event now and then, random, some very few, some very often. Changing the M430G2452 chip for another one changes the behaviour. Is there a possibility to make this Button touch more stable, like increasing the Threshold. Somehow I cannot read and set this threshold in my software, it only seems to work with proximit
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