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  1. Just in case anyone comes across this in Google, I encountered a very similar bug in energia 17 and 18: code won't compile in user saved projects, but will compile if you copy the code into an example sketch. After several days of tinkering I FOUND THE PROBLEM, it seems that is you have a function name that contains 'setup' or 'loop' and you previously compiled to a different board, the sketch won't compile. once you change the name of these functions, the sketch compiles, and curiously, if you change it back it also compiles. so, to avoid this bug (at least my variant of it): don't creat
  2. Alright cool, thanks everyone!
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering how safe it is to send 0x0 over i2c. is it like sending any other byte or should it be avoided? Thanks
  4. hmmm... i'll have to get a few of these to help organize my messy boards. they look stackable too (for large messes), definitely a plus.
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