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  1. I'm actually a summer intern at TI, and I just confirmed this with another employee familiar with GRACE. I will test it out when I get home from work today, and hopefully that will finish my project off.
  2. Well when I step through the program after a break-point and trigger the interrupt, it does go into my interrupt routine code. THe problem is that the global variable I have defined gets reset to 0 after the interrupt routine finishes.
  3. What I am saying is that I think the GRACE confuguration puts that line in te code somewhere else.
  4. Since the project is a GRACE project, it turns out that if I remove this line: #pragma vector=PORT1_VECTOR the program compiles correctly. My next question is this: I've got a global variable that I'm trying to use as a counter that should get incremented by 1 every time the interrupt routine runs. Thing is, it resets itself to 0 after it exits the interrupt routine. Why is this, and how can I use the interrupt to make a counter that will be accessible in the Main() function?
  5. I am working on a short program that controls some analog muxes. Before I add on the code for the interrupt routine to control the external pushbutton, it compiles and runs fine. After I add in the short amount of interrupt code, it gives me the following error: "../lnk_msp430g2553.cmd", line 74: error: placement fails for object ".int02", size 0x4 (page 0). Available ranges: INT02 size: 0x2 unused: 0x2 max hole: 0x2 error: errors encountered during linking; "InputOutputSwitchbox.out" not built >> Compilation failure gmake: *** [inp
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