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  1. I was messing around and also found out that this works just as well. maybe a little to much but it works fine. uint8_t volatile edge; void setup() { pinMode(RED_LED, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RED_LED, LOW); pinMode(PUSH2, INPUT_PULLUP); edge = FALLING; attachInterrupt(PUSH2, func, FALLING); } void loop() { /* Add your loop code here */ } void func() { if(edge == FALLING) { attachInterrupt(PUSH2, func, RISING); edge = RISING; } else { attachInterrupt(PUSH2, func, FALLING); edge = FALLING; } // code to run when interrupt i
  2. Hello All, Quick question here.. wondering if anyone knows of a good library for java like commands in regards to strings. it would be very helpful to me to use commands like .length and other string related commands. I'm really hoping someone knows one off the top of their head. Thanks in advance, Jbean :grin: :thumbup:
  3. Spirillis and JWoodrell. thank you very much. i've just gotten back in town and this will be very helpful for this little project im working on. I really appreciate you're timely response! Jill =)
  4. Hello all, Working on a little project using simple interrupts. I'm trying to trigger an interrupt whenever a certain pin CHANGES. i can get the interrupt to trigger when using FALLING and RISING edges but not change. I'm using Energia (if that matters). Does anyone know what the problem is? is there a certain lib i need to import? Thanks in advance, Jill
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