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  1. and what should be the programm flow(rough idea) if i want a breathing PWM on all 16 leds?
  2. post # 1 and what is GS PWM cycle in the post # 3.? is it the while loop in the main?
  3. hi RobG, what is the GS pwm cycle here? and and according to me updateTLC() should be called just after elese conditon and within the loop. becoz by executing the if or else condition, it shud put those leds element value in the buffer.and then when delay is encountered- it shud latch all data , and show the outputs.After executing ISR, it will again come back to while loop i.e. execute if or else conditon. Now new positions (according to the pattern), then it shud update in the UCB0TXBUF, and then call ISR.... becoz now what is happening---> and when else or if condition is executed once
  4. /I have read them but I dont think they clear what i wanted to know..please answer my post # 26 and correct my post# 27...please explain in a bit more detail...please RobG.... And u said in example in post #1 uses 4bit data to control brightness, which is converted to 12bits in updateTLC.Dont u think it should convert the 4 bit data for 2 leds to 8 bits in updateTLC becoz SPI is 8 bit. thanking u in anticipation...
  5. please explain me the program flow of program 1 on page 1 by robG as i am not able to understand even by applying breakpoints and watchexpresions....please reply asap..
  6. 1)is the updateTLC function shifting the data from MSP430 to input shift register of TLC5940? and check my program flow which i wrote after understanding ur program by applying breakpioints: blank low, xlat low------> configure timer and timer starts-------->enabled SPI--------> updateTLC function is called due to which data is shifted into input shif register--> pulse XLAT to latch data into GS register------->while(1) is executed-------> in the meanwhile timer is running and when TAR=4096, interupt is called-----> in the ISR , WHATEVER data has been shifed is la
  7. hi rob. in the very first program on page1,i wanted to know what is the need of updateTLC() function.updatTLC() may be sending the data for SPI interface.But the value of UCBOTXBUF is not changing duirng the whole program.its value is 0x006F.And as far as i know UCB0TXBUF is the user-accessible register where we can write that data which we want to send to the slave. UCB0TXBUF = leds[(ledCounter << 1) + 1] << 4. the LHS of this equation has always 0x006F value.and RHS has always 0 value moreover the while loop in the main is controlling the led pattern, then what is the need of up
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