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  1. Hi: I've been trying to implement a package for the new Board Manager in Energia 1.6, and I haven't had a ton of success. Additionally, it looks like the "msp430-lg-core" and "msp430-ng-core" cores on http://github.com/energia/ are intended for use with the actual Arduino IDE, which is neat: I'm just wondering if anyone's actually implemented a package for the Board Manager for Energia, or used those cores in Arduino's IDE and implemented new boards? I've tried to implement one here: https://github.com/ara-daq-hw/ara-daq-hw-index The problem at first was that I had to add a 'p
  2. There is an open source firmware from TI, provided with the MSP Debug stack. http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP_Debug_Stack Not exactly simple, though.
  3. Hi all: I just wanted to point out to everyone here that there was a big bug (at least in my opinion) fixed just recently in the 4.4.x series of the TI C compiler that was causing code to bloat by ~100-some bytes or so (and slowing down time from power-on to main by probably ~40 microseconds in many cases). Might not seem like a lot with the larger MSP430s but if you're working with one of the really small chips, that could be a big loss. The linker wasn't able to select the boot routine that doesn't bother initializing anything (_c_int00_noinit and equivalents) so the autoinit routine
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