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  1. What I would like to do is to have a rechargeable battery wired to (and charged by) a USB source (coming from house mains, I have a lot of old and spare phone chargers). When mains goes out (thunderstorms, etc.) the battery turns on some battery powered led light. I remember that I read something, somewhere, but really I cannot find it again... :-( Might anyone point me in the right direction, please? Thanks in advance as always! Andrea
  2. ...how can I change the topic title, adding 'Solved'? Andrea
  3. Ok, it was the decoupling capacitors (or their lack, obviously...). Thanks for having pointed this out for me, @Rocket. I really thought the capacitors were something more, just 'to be sure', but now I learned the hard way that it's not true! Thanks again to everybody, you are all very kind. Andrea
  4. I admit that I didn't think about them, but I always wire MSP430s powering them from a very close LP2950-33, so I thought there was no need to further stabilize voltage: but you are right, I'll give it a try... Thanks Andrea
  5. Hi, I made today my first test with Energia, and I got the classical blinking LED in no time. Next, I prepared a little PCB, to wire processor in standalone (without LaunchPad): I linked a BC337, a high power LED, and whatever. All is functioning very well until the processor stays in the LaunchPad, but when I insert it in the socket, LED is always on, not blinking. I'm pretty sure links are ok, I give 3.3V to the source, have the ground connected, and the RST kept high with a 4.7k to source. Is this the canonical wiring with Energia too? Or am I missing anything? Thanks in advance for y
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