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  1. Very clearely Roadrunne! I did solved the "bug" making the i= -1 About your another approaches,was this which I was looking for really,anothers way to solve the issue. After I'll try make with interrupt and push bottons for change the behavior of the move.:-)
  2. So, Roadrunner now I arrived at home, I tested the code and I don't no why de 1
  3. Thank you again Road! I did not tester yet, but surely will go work.Is amazing as you solve fast the stuffs, i was thinking someone stuff like this,but Iam very slowly..I was caught in the loop for. How we can solve that using struct and bitwise/bit operation?
  4. Hello, Guys! So, as some already know I 'm a noob with embedded system and I really I'm liking of the series MSP430 by TI. I am trying make this code work, but so far I did not succeed, What I want is a simple led sequential on the breadboard, the breadboard will be 9 Leds, being 6 on Port 1, e just 3 in the Port 2 for now. That code work but not syncronized, I'd want which when end the first "array" of the leds, starts the seconds "arrays" of the leds (port 2, 3 leds), I would like to use someone like struct in C but I don't have know enough yet, the code: #include <msp
  5. Hello, Roadrruner! I don't have words, for thank..You didn't talk about, you made a tutorial, kk.. ; )! I am very grateful, hence that surely I'll evolve. Sorry by mess.. The despite of language and documentation I'm learning, but the User's Guide help, nevertheless the codes are in Assembly(and I don't want to learn this language for now), if you judge necessary I'll post a video of running here..
  6. Anybody please? Or You guys think better open another topic? Thank you!
  7. Thank you, Roadrunner for your attention! So on really I want which the Led turn on on when I hold the button. because if I put on the line of the interrupt the P1OUT ^= BIT0; The led stay toggle, The despite the infinite loops, I taked off the infinite loop then program stoped of work, the led turn on , but don't turn off more. As I tried to explain up there, I would like to extend thats exercises for more Push buttons and more leds, and I'd like to use time for each action, for example, like a RTC( but as I say the MSP430G2553 don't have Basic Timer Or RTC), when press 1 button he to coun
  8. I would like turn on the led when squeeze the button by interrupt and,,leveraging topic I has been see which the Launchpad don't have Basic Time and don't have RTC. How I can put more Push Buttons (ok have something like above, but still missing something ), with more leds each one with particular time(for turn on or turn off)? Thank you very much!
  9. Hello, Guys! So, I'm starting too with Mcu's and I already saw many solutions for beginners, but always have someone thing for understand.. For example in my code below, after of the led turn on in isr, the led remain ON, unless which I put one loop for test the condition of the button: #include "MSP430G2553.h" int main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer P1DIR |= BIT0 ; // P1.0 output, else input P1REN |= BIT3; P1IES |= BIT3; // P1.3 Hi/lo edge P1IFG &= ~BIT3;
  10. Hello, Possum! I'm Begginer with mcu's and I have the Launchpad Msp430G2553 and 1 eZ430 (Msp430F2013). So I am starting one course but, the examples showed make use of the msp430xG46x, and that board have Basic Timer and RTC by Hardware.. however my Launchpad don't have this. Can you help-me with a code which just count a time ( can be with interrupt), after to squeeze one botton? I hope which you have understood my ask, I'm Brazilian and my english is the worst. Thank You very much! Hug!
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