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  1. OK I just uploaded them rather than try to fix them first...you all can probably handle it anyway msp430launchpadbumper.ipt: Inventor part file for the basic Launchpad bumper msp430launchpadbumper.stl: Printable STL file for the basic Launchpad bumper 5529LaunchPadBumper.stl: Printable STL file for the 5529 bumper only (no lid) 5529case.stl: Printable STL file for the 5529 bumper and lid together 5529LaunchPadBumper.ipt: Inventor part file for the 5529 bumper only I don't have the Inventor file for the lid only, because I made a few mistakes referencing it to the other half of the
  2. Haha, was playing with the 5529 case and suddenly realized I'd accidentally designed it to allow snapping the lid onto the bottom of the case, too.
  3. Hi...I was experimenting with some cases and bumpers to protect LaunchPads as they float around on a desk or in a box of parts. The regular LaunchPad bumper is based on some existing concepts, which I used to create a new design in Autodesk Inventor. The 5529 bumper-case is the same basic idea but with a snap-on lid to protect those easily-bent pins on the top. I just moved to Dallas and need to dig out my 3D printer (among other things) in order to refine the designs a little, but should be able to post some STLs in here soon if there's interest.
  4. Haha, cubeberg...glad you liked the stuff. Honestly it was based on what I could access at the time...just moved everything to Dallas so it was pure chaos around the house. I do like the ChronoDot...once I spent hours building up a pair of custom USB-I2C bridges to communicate to a ChronoDot and a DS1337 using libusb; wanted to track drift versus the ntp daemon over a few months. I had to scrap the project because after a few days, the data was useless....the ChronoDot plot looked like a horizontal line and the DS1337 plot was a vertical one. The LED shades are modular and the front panel
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