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  1. Hi I would also love some simple tx/rx code base on which I can expand my research. I wanted to use this modules in my thesis work but they are way to complicated imho. I then switched to the Nrf24L01+ and never had any regrets about that step. They are way simpler to configure and use. On the other hand the next step is to build and code a mesh network and maybe the cc2500 are better suited to that task, I am willing to give them a second chance. I have enough modules to play with and if there is an expandable code base I am ready to jump in . Cheers Rubi
  2. Nice! I love fancy clocks.
  3. Hi I routed a small adapter board for the Olimex Msp 430 Jtag Iso programmer. https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/JTAG/MSP430-JTAG-ISO/ Adapter board: http://oshpark.com/profiles/Rubi The board is based on this schematic: https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/JTAG/_resources/SPY-BI-WIRE-CONNECTION.jpg Since I don't need all three boards I would give one away for free if someone is interested. Cheers Rubi
  4. Awesome. I like your prototyping stile.
  5. Just recogniced I don't qualify because of missing attention points. So Automate was correct. chibiace---------------------------------------------New Zealand Cubeberg-------------------------------------------USA JWoodrell-------------------------------------------Missouri, USA Automate -------------------------------------------USA
  6. I would be interested and should have no problems to repair a damaged one. chibiace---------------------------------------------New Zealand Cubeberg-------------------------------------------USA JWoodrell-------------------------------------------Missouri, USA Rubi -------------------------------------------Vienna, Austria
  7. My daily 43oh related blog entry :-) http://rubines.blogspot.co.at/2013/07/gps-locator.html
  8. Hi Great I would love to "review" the oled board. Thank you! Btw. the Ti Msp environment is awsome, great support from Ti , great tools and a great community. What else could you wish for,... Cheers Michael
  9. Hi I posted a blog entry about your display booster pack. http://rubines.blogspot.co.at/2013/07/nokia-5110-booste-pack.html Cheers Rubi
  10. Hi I tried first an 10nF and then a 1nF, because I was not sure what the correct capacity is. And only after completely removing the cap the programmer recognized the board. I also verified the caps with an Lcr meter and the smaller one was about 1047pF. Cheers Rubi
  11. Hi I wrote a blog entry about your booster pack: http://rubines.blogspot.co.at/2013/07/ws2812-rgb-led-matrix-booster-pack.html Cheers Rubi
  12. Hi RobG Great booster, I love it. I thought solder it together how much time could it take and write a blog entry, what possibly could go wrong. Of course I decided the standalone version. Unfortunately it was impossible to program this little bugger. I always became the error message no connection. After some hours and pretty much desperate, I compared the board to the Powerscope, where the reset circuit is only a resistor, without capacity. Then I removed the 1nf cap and the board was programmable. Any ideas why ? The RC combination is a very usual reset circuit taking care
  13. Hi I am just playing with this leds, would you share the code ? I also own one 4*4 booster board from you. Cheers Rubi
  14. Hi I always get an error when trying to pm you. Error: "The member bluehash cannot receive any new messages" I would love to buy the plates Please send me an answer to rubitschka at hotmail dot com. Cheers Michael
  15. Hi Awesome, could you please mail me your paypal address, I would like to buy them both. Cheers Rubi
  16. Finally I got the code and modules up and running. Issues: Led does not work. I found no way to reconfigure and use the cc2500 booster board Just changing the pin mapping was not enough Without debugger I would have had no chance what so ever,... Ti supplies a great environment Once I figured the issues out, I will blog about the solutions. Cheers Rubi http://rubines.blogspot.co.at/
  17. @Rubi I may have one left. I'll have to check. Thank you great! I think the protoplate would look nice for blog posts. Cheers Michael
  18. Rubi


    Hi I just made a little blog entry about this great and useful tool. http://rubines.blogspot.co.at/2013/07/meet-powerscope.html Cheers Rubi
  19. Hi I get a compile error in bsp.c #161 declaration is incompatible with previous "BSP_InitLeds" (declared at line 62 of "C:/Texas Instruments/SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1/Components/bsp/boards/LP_G2553/bsp_drivers.c") /SimpliTi/bsp line 119, external location: C:\Texas Instruments\SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1\Components\bsp\drivers\bsp_leds.h Any ideas what went wrong ? Cheers Michael
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