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  1. I started an EFI project as my senior design project a year ago. We got caught up in numerous other things and never really got started on the EFI part except from a conceptual standpoint, but had a lot of fun anyway. Our base was the Parallax Propeller combined with MSP430. The horsepower from the Prop allowed us to actually auto-generate the fuel map. The MSP430 was (going to be) used to read all analog signals and transmit back to the Prop.
  2. What a PITA. Hamada got it... I'll explain again with step-by-step for anyone else having issues 1) Program the board. There's nothing special about it 2) Unplug the board 3) Press and hold the reset button 4) Plug it back in [to your computer] 5) Wait three years (in reality, a few seconds... but it feels like an eternity) 6) Start your serial terminal on your computer (Putty, minicom, picocom, etc) 7) Wait three more years 8) Release the reset button If it doesn't work, hold the button down longer. I tried it three times in a row holding down for 15-30 seconds and it didn't fa
  3. I'd like to get UART working for debugging purposes is all. Eventually I'm going to have an LCD attached for my project, so I guess I'll just work towards that instead. Thanks for helping (also, the projects on your website are 100% awesome )
  4. I did try shorting the pins. It echoed back to minicom and I could see what I typed. If I disconnected the cable, my characters stopped appearing. I then connected my logic analyzer to the MCU pins while the sketch was running, and I could see characters being transmitted. In minicom, I set the port for /dev/ttyACM0. In Energia, the only serial port available for selection is /dev/ttyS4. That' seems very odd as I would think it would use the same port for programming.
  5. Haven't felt this stupid in a long time... I can honestly say I had no idea there were cheap chinese knock-off Arduinos. So yes... I was comparing the $4.30 MSP430 to the $25 Leonardo or $30 Uno. As for dmesg, here's what I think is the relavent output. It's 1279 lines long so let me know if there's more that might have missed. [ 7297.280806] usb 3-1: new full-speed USB device number 2 using xhci_hcd [ 7297.357051] usb 3-1: New USB device found, idVendor=0451, idProduct=f432 [ 7297.357062] usb 3-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3 [ 7297.357068] usb 3-1: Product
  6. Wish I could show you dmesg output - I will as soon as I get home. I have set the udev rule - I can program it via mspdebug without needing to run root, and I don't run Energia as root either. I have added myself to the dialout group too. From that other thread, I found it very interesting that mspdebug ships with the necessary udev rule. Is it placed there just for reference or is supposed to be installed? I know I had to create a separate udev rule elsewhere. David
  7. Hi folks, I'm extremely excited to see Arduino ported to something so much cheaper. Makes things a lot easier. But... I can't seem to get Serial working, no matter what I change. I have revision 1.5 with the 2553 chip in place. I did solder the external 32k crystal in place - I hope that isn't messing with things. I've seen the pictures online of the jumpers being moved, as well as the silk screen on the board clearly showing how to arrange the jumpers. I've even tried reverting back to software serial. I've tried both serial ports listed under Tools -> Serial Port. I also tried ru
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