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  1. I have a Mega2560, (as well as a handful of other Arduino boards/clones), theres a ATMEGA328 running the audio system in my car for instance. Fairly nice boards, awesome for making quick tools, and playing with. Not quite so good for serious development... However, I do that anyway. Must say, I think the Launchpad + Arduino is the perfect combo! the little MSP doing all the little tasks like monitoring buttons, pots and other interface inputs, sending the states over serial to the Arduino which is left with handling a graphic LCD and making things look pretty. Which is exactly w
  2. It's the only MSP forum/site/community I've come across with friendly members! A huge plus in my book.
  3. Beige

    PWM with WDT+

    The same still applies, you need 1 resister per LED, and an RGB LED is simply 3 LEDs in a package. So, if it's common cathode, put a resistor on each anode, if it's common anode put a resistor on each cathode.
  4. Beige

    PWM with WDT+

    The resistor, say 330r at 3.3v gives 10mA, with 1 LED connected that LED will be allowed to draw 10mA, simples, with 2 LEDs connected through that same resistor they will get that same 10mA to share...
  5. Beige

    POV Text Display

    I saw it; that's the first thing I'm putting on mine! Got to represent... Even is I do only have, err, 3 posts?
  6. Beige

    PWM with WDT+

    Progress toward clean canned code is good But may I suggest an update to the schematic? If more than 1 LED can be on at a time you need a resister in each line, or the LEDs will dim Or, assuming a common anode, put the 3 resistors on the cathode side
  7. Beige

    POV Text Display

    LEDs are connected to P1.0 - P1.7, P1.7 doesn't actually light up as the font is 5x7. And if you hook the LEDs up with a 4k7 each the MSP can handle it ok, total current with all LEDs on is somewhere around 2mA for all 8, however I've used transistors so I can run them at a higher current, is this case 80mA for the set.
  8. Ok, found something to do with the Value Line chips, a Persistence Of Vision display. Nothing quite like wildly swinging electronics in front of a camera on a long exposure Oh, and excuse the piezo, was a separate experiment... Code and big pics can be found at http://www.beigematchbox.co.uk/blog/?p=1518
  9. Beige


    I'm afraid I cheated, The pins are offset 1 hole and soldered through the bottom. Been trying to find a good source of pass through header for along time, but nobody seems to stock it more than once, and then never in any quantity.
  10. Beige


    Greeting and salutations! I've had a launchpad for a few weeks and so far the best bit has been the short USB cable... However, I now have CCS running in Virtual Box and after some tinkering have come tot he conclusion that, assuming the small quantity price comes down a bit the MSP430 value line chips will be awesome where an ATMEGA would be overkill and power hungry, just need to figure out what those applications might be. Anyway, a quick little project I did last night, while not using the launchpad itself it may still be useful to launchpad users. I made a breadboard sh
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