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  1. I am new to Launchpad and Xbee. My goal is to create a sensor network. Right now, I am stuck at trying to get an xbee pro S3B attached to a Launchpad communicating to another xbee pro S3B in X-CTU on the computer. The second xbee is attached to the computer using Sparkfun's Xbee Explorer USB. X-CTU: the xbee connected to the computer is configured as a Non-Routing Coordinator on Network ID AAA. The Launchpad xbee is configured as a Standard Router with the High and Low Destination Addresses set to the high and low addresses on the Non-Routing Coordinator. The Network ID is also set to AAA. All other parameters are left to the default settings. The Launchpad connected xbee has pin 1 connected to an external 3.3 volt source. Pin 2 (data out) is connected to the Launchpad P1.1 pin. Pin 3 (data in) is connected to the Launchpad P1.2 pin. Pin 10 is connected to ground. Both the xbee and Launchpad are powered by the external 3.3 volt source with the same common ground. Also to note, the UART RX and TX pin jumpers have been rotated 90 degrees. The launchpad is loaded with the energia program: void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { Serial.print("Hello"); delay(1000); } In the serial monitor program, it displays "Hello" every second when the baud rate is set to 4800 baud. At 9600 it prints funky symbols. When I open X-CTU and start the range test I receive the "Timeout waiting for data" message. I also receive nothing in the Terminal tab. Suggestions??
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