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  1. Thanks for the pics. All the other pictures were top view and I couldn't tell if there was anything soldered in the triac holes. I though I was loosing it (more so than normal) and missing something; turns out it was the bottom of the board.
  2. I understand the terminals and have no question about them. In those pictures (quoted aboe) T1-T4 do not seem to be populated; the BTA Triacs are not installed along the back edge of the board behind the terminals as indicated by the arrow in the triacboard.png file.
  3. Why are the BTA16's not installed in all of the pictures of the four channel board both in this forum and in the store? I am just a novice, but It doesn't seem that this board will work as layed out without the BTA16's installed and everything else is populated. I don't care much as I just wanted the board for switching a 30 mA 24VAC signal and so do not need the bigger BTAs as the MOCs will suffice.
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