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  1. The problem is where do i get the bootloader and how do i burn it, there is no "Tools > board" menu in energia to flash
  2. Hello, i bought my msp430 about 6~ months ago, i bought it because i liked the price 4.30$ is really good for a dev board, and now im looking at arduinos, of course i dont want to spent 25-30$ on a board and have been reading about buying just the chip and some other components , slap it on a breadboard and using it that way but the problem is that the atmega328 and pretty much any chip needs to be burned with a bootloader, i read that it could be done from another arduino, but can i do it from an msp430?
  3. Well i got it to work by installing the ccs and trying what hamada said thanks to everyone
  4. im facing the same problem, i cant get anything over serial, i tried with the jumpers switched like it says on the wiki, i also tried with another serial monitor software and it didnt work, i have the rev1.5 and using the g2553 but im on windows.
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