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  1. I just changed the variable from double to float. This call still is the same: f = va_arg(a, double); Having float here does not work (f will be always zero).
  2. Indeed, it does. Flash usage: Without that code (initial post) at all: 0x134e With volatile double: 0x24ac With volatile float: 0x175a So the code with float adds 1036 bytes to flash. Same code having a double variable adds 4446 bytes. Thanks for all other replies. I know that I should avoid floating point, maybe I can find another solution to print out floating point values (I can't avoid them completely).
  3. Hello there, I'm new to hardware-related programming and currently having my first experiences with MSP430G2553. I'm using CCS 5.3 and building an application which is printing stuff to a LCD. For this purpose, I found oPossum's tiny printf here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1289-tiny-printf-c-version/ But because I need also to print floating point values, I added some lines to this routine. Showing only the added lines of code: void printf(char *format, ...) { // .... volatile double f; // .... case 'f': //format++; i = (*format++)-48; // numer of fract
  4. Hi jazz, thanks for the link. After reading the topic, this is what I understood so far - With HW UART I can use either the virtual com port or P1.1/P1.2. - If I want to use the HW UART on the virtual com port along with another UART communcation to some IC, I have to implement the latter by software/timers. If jumpers J3 are set to SW UART, I can use the HW UART functionality at P1.1/P1.2? Why is it then called SW UART? If jumpers J3 are set to HW UART, are P1.1/P1.2 "free" for other purposes?
  5. Hi, I am new to the whole world of microprocessors and just playing around with my Launchpad v1.5 with the MSP430G2553 for a while. I got the UW UART up and running so far, using putty and the virtual "MSP430 Application UART" com port. The jumpers on J3 are set to HW UART. But I need some help understanding how the HW UART and the UART on P1.1 and P1.2 belong together or don't. I don't know if they are the same or something different. I am confused: What exactly changes when setting the jumpers on J3 to SW UART (virtual com port is still there, but why does my software not wor
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