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    Hammerwang reacted to jh155 in PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code   
    I solved the problem by using a tri-state-buffer 74HC125 to cut off the connection of the SD-Card Clock and MOSI. The tri-state-buffer is driven by the SD-Card CS. It works great!
    Also I generate the Dog-M SPI-LCD CS by a NOT-operation of the SD-CS and I use the MISO Pin for the RS Signal. This gives me 2 more free pins on my LaunchPad-Data-Logger with SD-Card an LCD.
    Thanks for the share!
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    Hammerwang reacted to bluehash in PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code   
    Good to know. Try issuing di again. I sometimes get 1 as a response.
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    Hammerwang got a reaction from bluehash in PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code   
    @@bluehash, you're awesome!!
    that was it, the SD card works and it can initialize the disk, FS, and read and open files!
    only a little thing, when i prompt the >di command, i get "rc=1" which i think means that the res status is FR_DISK_ERR. But the card is still readable and everything else works afterwards. I was wondering if that's a concern at all?

    But yeah! Definitely feels good to have this project working! Do you think it is possible to use the petitFS to read an .mp3 file and utilize that data to a decoder?
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