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  1. Hey @@bluehash, new question for you - Thank you for all your help for getting the SD card reading going, I am now trying to get this mp3 audio decoder, the STA013, incorporated into my design. But I am having trouble with getting the data from the SD card (via SPI - MISO) to the g2553 microcontroller, and passing this data to my decoder (via I2C - SDAout). Do you have any insight on this issue? Is it possible to switch between the SPI protocol to the I2C protocol? I have a multiplexer to divide the line conflict between the two, but I believe they share the same interrupt, whic
  2. @@bluehash, you're awesome!! that was it, the SD card works and it can initialize the disk, FS, and read and open files! only a little thing, when i prompt the >di command, i get "rc=1" which i think means that the res status is FR_DISK_ERR. But the card is still readable and everything else works afterwards. I was wondering if that's a concern at all? But yeah! Definitely feels good to have this project working! Do you think it is possible to use the petitFS to read an .mp3 file and utilize that data to a decoder?
  3. ahh ok, so the RX and TX jumpers need to be Vertical || for CCS, whereas in Energia they have to be Horizontal = So I got the terminal to print out the welcome messages, but I cannot get it to respond to 'di' or any variation of the command. such as >di, > di, or any other spaces in between. Could it be an SPI connection error? I keep switching between the microSD breakout board and the SD card adapter to see if either one works, but still nothing yet :/ Edit: I tried setting breakpoints during the forever loop, and I can't get any characters to be used at all. I feel as if there m
  4. Hey @@bluehash, I downloaded your code and set it up as a new project in CCS. I have the correct connection from the LP board to the SD card, confirming it thru an Energia program. But when I build & debug the code, I can't get any responses from the Terminal Console. I am using the g2553, the Termite 2.9 terminal, a microSD to SD card adapter, my baud rate on the terminal and code is 9600, the RXD/TXD jumpers are set in the horizontal position to communicate with the computer. And I even try typing 'Enter' or '> (Enter)' into the terminal, but I do not have any response. Are ther
  5. @@calinp I ran through your latest code and it works great! hit a few bumps getting it set up, but I managed to figure it out. It works perfectly with the microSD breakout board that I have so next up, I will try to get it working with CCS if thats possible from the other post! thanks guys
  6. Thanks for the welcome we're actually students at Univ. of Central Florida working on our senior design. We've soldered connections to the SD Card adapter to try connection. It would be awesome if you could test it as well to know that we aren't messing anything up haha. I also posted on the related post asking about compatibility with a breakout board for the Micro SD card. I understand that the formatting libraries are specifically for SD cards, but I was curious whether it is possible for us to alter the connection settings in the libraries to communicate with this board http://www.hobb
  7. Hi, do you think this coding is compatible with a MicroSD break out board, in place of the regular SD Card Booster Pack? for example, this: http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/microsd-transflash-breakout It has the same functional pins as the SD Card Adapter, i was just wondering because that would be incredibly more convenient Thanks!
  8. Hi Bluehash, I've been reading through this post and the other related one ( http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1427-petitefs-fatfs-sdcard-usci-code/#p18738 ) I was wondering 2 thing: 1 - Do you have any more SD Card Booster Packs available for purchase? and 2 - Is it possible to use these libraries directly to an MicroSD card, given that I connect the appropriate pins and settings? My group and I are using the MSP430 Launchpad as well with the g2553 microcontrollers. We are hoping to access SD cards for memory read&write to save text data onto the card and even shooting high enough
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