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  1. I found a code on the any web page that he coded for 3310. He didn't add circuit schema because he said that: I used spi software you can connect pins(between msp-lcd 5110) which one you want, it doesn't matter. Can I use this code for my 5110 lcd?(He use for 3310)
  2. Thank you but I only want to code that using msp430, lcd 5110 and 8 cables(there is no resistor, there is no circuit). In addition if you give me this code (in energia) and how can I connect each other I don't know. I want to circuit schema also. Can anyone help me?
  3. Hi everyone, I have a project that contains nokia 5110 lcd, msp430( it has g2553) and 8 connection cables between with lcd and msp430(There is no resistance or another thing). I should scale temperature and print on the 5110 lcd. I have 2 compiler programs which are Iar and energia. Additionally, I tried to set CCS but I couldn't set up, there was a mistake.Also, In IAR program any mistake occurs, I don't remember what is this problem. Thus, Energia compiler fully works but I couldn't find code. I want to code that used in energia compiler. Can anyone help me, please?
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