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  1. Super awesome! Would buy one for sure. I was playing with the Pololu Zumo before but this is a simpler, neater idea.
  2. Tough crowd! Anyway I went ahead with making the board and happy to report it works very well with the Launchpad and Energia (just uses Serial) Only nitpick is if I set P1.3 HIGH in software by mistake - P1.3 is connected to the BLE112 module RESET pin, active low - the module stops working until I manually reset it. Setting P1.3 low or pressing S2 works just fine in resetting the module, though. Maybe I should have added a diode to stop such coding mistakes happening? Not sure what's the right thing to do or choose, any help would be great. Anyway here's a photo of it working,
  3. Good idea. Was just being a bit shy before stepping right into the main arena ;-) But I've posted there now. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, I've been tinkering around with Bluetooth LE (BLE) for some time now, it's a great way to connect projects to things like smartphones or other electronics. For example TI offers the fantastic SensorTag that packs a bunch of very interesting sensors and Bluetooth LE radio into a little box powered only by a CR2032 battery! There's a lot of other BLE things on the market too, like proximity keytags, fitness wristbands and very soon the Pebble smartwatch will have BLE support too. It's disappointing that the Launchpad doesn't yet have a ready-to-use booster pack that can co
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Jose, originally Portuguese but long time resident here in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. After many years in software I decided to follow Alan Kay's (pioneer of object oriented programming and GUIs at Xerox PARC) suggestion and begin making my own hardware :-) I feel it's just the right time too with so many options like Arduino, Energia, BeagleBone, Pi, sensors, motors, displays and - most important - great sources of information like this site... all greatly lowering the entry curve compared to what it was before. While the Arduino gets so much of the attention th
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