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  1. Hi, There 2 new company which are crowd funding for silver ink solution and printing one directly with a printer the other with a plotter... Sound very interesting for testing purposes. Printer one : AgIC Pen + plotter : Electronink (sixth video) Regards,
  2. I redone the code to use only char but still got problems. Been a long time since the last time I use string (char arrays ones) in C. more of Php time, get some bad habits ;-) char time_buff[6] ; ... void displayTime() { lcd_screen.setFont(1); strcpy(time_buff, headZero(now.hour())) ; strcat(time_buff, ":") ; strcat(time_buff, headZero(now.minute())) ; Serial.println(time_buff) ; lcd_screen.text(0, 0, time_buff) ; strcpy(time_buff, ":") ; strcat(time_buff, headZero(now.second())) ; lcd_screen.setFont(0) ; lcd_screen.text(10, 1, time_buff) ; Serial.println(time_buff) ; str
  3. Hum, didn't find this information on google but I was thinking of something like that... The LCD_5110 library use String so it's one reason I used them and one hope to simplify string manipulations.... but no. EDIT : It's the LCD_5110 which using String not the RTC one
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Here's the output: text data bss dec hex 10310 0 346 10656 29a0
  5. I'm trying to build a radio, with a 5110 display (SPI), RTC and Si74703 (I2C) but it does not seem to be working. #include "LCD_5110.h" #include <Si4703_Breakout.h> #include <Wire.h> #include "RTClib.h" /////////////////////// RADIO int resetPin = P1_4 ; int SDIO = P1_7; int SCLK = P1_6; Si4703_Breakout radio(resetPin, SDIO, SCLK); int channel; int volume; char rdsBuffer[10]; ////////////////////// CLOCK RTC_DS1307 RTC; DateTime now = DateTime(__DATE__, "01:01:01") ; ////////////////////// LCD LCD_5110 lcd_screen; boolean backlight = false; void setup() { lcd_screen.begi
  6. Thank you so much!!!! What a relief! ;-) As a lazy guy (average computer man) I stopped half the way in my process to pin point the real problem, should have taken a look at those 16 bin so that there was the first half part of what should been have returned and subsequently ask the right question: why only 16bit! So I have to modify energia file isn't an cleaner way to do it, like asking with wire the first 16bits then the other 16bits? Edit: There's a ifndef for TWI_BUFFER_LENGTH, but not for wire BUFFER_LENGTH Edit 2: Change the 2 values and it work perfectly....
  7. Hi, Got the same result with 2553 on launchpad, without anything wired it detect a device for each address... Regards,
  8. Hi , I'm trying to run a Si4703 FM eval board from Sparkfun on an 2553 (launchpad). The device work fine on Arduino. I'm using the sketch provided by Sparkfun (there). I change pin assignment as int resetPin = P1_4; int SDIO = P1_7; //SDA/A4 on Arduino int SCLK = P1_6; //SCL/A5 on Arduino Add pull ups to SDA and SCLK but with no result the code loop on this line in si4703_readRegisters function while(Wire.available() < 32) ; available return only 16. I'm new to SPI so don't know how to resolve this. Thanks,
  9. Thanks for your reply. Seems I made a mistake and forgot Wire.begin(); when making some cut and past between scripts.... So now it's working with LCD_5110 library, will try to test the SPI version soon. Regards
  10. Thanks for your reply. I tried to switch from LCD_5110_SPI to the LCD_5110 library and it freeze as soon as i try to acces to the RTC object. I'm going to ask to Rei Vilo. And yes it's a MSP430G2 with 2553. Regards,
  11. Hi, I'm trying to make a clock with a Tiny RTC module and a iTead 5110 Nokia LCD. I'm using Adafruit RTClib and the energia LCD_5110_SPI. Each library an device are working fine separately but when put together it stops working, is it possible to have SPI and I2C device working simultaneously? Thanks.
  12. Hum, think that there was connection problem between the sensor and the battery. Now the sensor are working fine @~2.47.
  13. Hi, I just bought one o your LCD shield I'm using Energia, is your library easy to use with it, or does it require CSS? Regards
  14. Hi, Thanks for your answers. If if could have found a commercial plug with an open wireless protocol for retrieving datas it would have been fine. I could have hacked a kill-A-Watt plug but there seems that there isn't a European version (220V), maybe existing European plug can be hacked but i do not find a tutorial (maybe i can try by myself, don't know if I have sufficient knowledge). And for the question of the usage from a plug, temporarily it could be used to profile an installation on a period of time, which appliance is consuming power, how much and when, and with heaters the to
  15. Thanks for the reply, I checked the Implementation of a Single-Phase Electronic Watt-Hour Meter Using MSP430AFE2xx (Rev. A) doc from TI, but it's a bit complicated for my electronic knowledge :-)
  16. Hi, I'm pretty new to the electronic field, i have developed a system to regulate electric heaters with raspberry, msp430 RF24 sensors for temperature. I'm dreaming since a couple of years to find an open source meter plug like http://meterplug.com/ but only found hacking around central metering like on http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/. There's seems to have people interesting buy this sort of devices, google and samsung are entering the home automation market. This sort of devices are really hard to create on a DIY basis, dangerous? I know that it's not a trivial problem, Alsenin
  17. Ok. Thanks. What do i need to define? If I only do define P3_4 15 it doesn't work. I think that there's something I misunderstand because if I use the pin numbering for the 28 pins package in the data sheet 15 is still the same pin as the 20 pin package, the #23 in the 28 pin, and it should be P3_4. EDIT 1 Tried to use https://github.com/analog10/Energia/blob/master/hardware/msp430/variants/dosocho/pins_energia.h but I got a compilation error : D:\Regis\energia-0101E0011\hardware\msp430\variants\launchpad/pins_energia.h:269:2: error: 'P3' undeclared here (not in a function
  18. Hi, I thought that i could use port number to digital write a pin but 15 is still P1.7 on the datasheet it should be P3.4. Did i miss something? If i modify the variant/launchpad/pins_energia.h shoul i recompiled energia or should i just modify the file? Regards.
  19. Hi, I use an MSP430G2452 to drive a LCD 16x2. Every thing work fine during the test, using the UART communication from the LaunchPad or from a USB serial communication cable using CoolTerm. Put the 2452 on a bread board test it with USB serial cable, everthing work. But when I connect to the Raspberry TX UART pin, the Communication seems to fail. If I connect the Raspberry TX with the USB cable i get the right string). But when i use for exemple : "sc;" > /dev/ttyAMA0 ; to clear the screen nothing append. With the C++ software which normally display informations, the screen cleans
  20. One of my sensors keep rebooting at 2.49 don't know why. Should send me a notice when current drop by a certain value, but i receive notice with always the same value and as i send the battery level at startup... it send it at erratic intervals between 2 hours and 10 minutes... Don't know why
  21. Do not have an oscilloscope... :-( So if I want to use a ds18b20 I should add a cell or use a pull-up regulator or use 9V or 12V cell with a step down...
  22. Hi, Thanks, I got an sensor with RF24 and a ds18b20 which give me false reading since yesterday. It alternates between 0 and a very high value and sometime read some right values. Keep reseting itself too. Maybe the false reading came from the resetting. Got an other one keeping resetting itself but without wrong reading. The common thing is that the internal voltage reading is equal or under 2.5 V. The RF24l01 run from 1.9V and the MSP430G2553 from 1.8 so apart the ds18b20 I don't see what can draw to much power causing the MSP to reset itself. EDIT: Just saw your edit. it says that u
  23. Shhiiiiiiittt, just saw that DS18B20 is working between 3V an 5V (I'm an newbie doubled with a programmer, so I know: RTFM, but can't help trying not to...) and 2 AA are only giving 2.5V. When voltage drop around 2.4V MSP goes berserk and reset itself in a loop....
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