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  1. I was wondering if you had a zip file of all the includes that you used for this project? I am trying to piece this together using code i've found online but its not quite working out. Thanks.
  2. Well i wanted to use TA0.1, and TA0.2 for outputs for the left and right speakers, but TA0.2 doesnt exsist on the pinout in the datasheet for the G2553, so i changed it to Timer1. Plus I'm using a lot of the PORT1 pins for console and SPI work. So i wanted to just move that to PORT2.
  3. Hey all, I have attempted to take this project, http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1999-sd-media-player-with-fat16/, which was written for a G2353, and port it to a G2553. The main differences being: 1. USI on the G2353 vs. USCI on the G2553 2. Timer0_A3 on the G2353 has 3 control/compare registers, I needed to change the timer to Timer1_A3 on the G2553 since thats where it has 3 control/compare registers. 3. I also changed the pin defines to match the G2553. 4. Also the original project uses an SD card, while i am attempting to use a MicroSD card breakout board (should work the same as bo
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