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  1. For EPD displays, Aimonen wrote some instructions on interfacing with the cheap ED060SC4 (http://www.essentialscrap.com/eink/software.html). He discusses different rendering mode and some workarounds for microcontrollers due to their lower clock speed and RAM space. Though keep in mind, he's using a STM32L, which has a lot more RAM space and pins than a G2553 in general.
  2. I did withdraw my entry but when I saw bluehash included me in the previous entry post anyhow, I withdrew my withdrawal because if TI decides to give one to me, there might be some confusion. But now that bluehash noticed it, I definitely want to withdraw my entry.
  3. I use an angle grinder table with a 1mm metal cutting disc. It's quick and the disc is cheap to replace.
  4. I would like to withdraw my entry if that's alright. Last time I dealt something with the mains I accidentally shorted the lines and cut power from the whole house and electricians are expensive.
  5. The forward voltage of both LEDs are 2.2V with forward current of 20mA.
  6. Thanks for the reply Greg, I'll redo the boards and update in a few days.
  7. Hey guys, I need some help with debugging an existing circuit that's supplying 3.3V and 5V. Attached is a photo of the schematic in which the green numbers are the measured voltages. The LiPo charger is partially based on @bluehash's LiPo charger. In this circuit, 5V is supplied via USB to the LiPo battery charger. The output battery voltage is then passed into a 5V booster to supply the components that are using 5V. This 5V is then lowered to 3.3V via a LDO. The 5V components use a maximum of 25mA, 3.3V components maybe a maximum of 150-200mA. This circuitry was suggested to me because i
  8. Okay, so this is going to be my entry: An improved central heating controller/interface for my home. The current controller measures the temperature in kitchen and use it to govern the temperature for the rest of the house. It sets the fan speed and temperature based on user input for each day. The current controller is hooked up to the mains and has a RJ-45 connector. What I would like to do is for the 430 to collect temperature data from each room then control fan speed and temperature, I probably will also put in some sort of heat flow diversion mechanism into the tubes so it can contro
  9. These can probably be done cheaper using other microcontrollers but how about: 1. Absolute positioning servomotors with hobby brushless motors 2. Another smart thermostat, the controller unit that came with my house's heater is doesn't handle temperatures in different rooms very well. The right side of the house is always hotter than the left side.
  10. @greeeg, according to eZ-FET lite documentation, you can also use the F5526, which only cost $5.32 in single quantity from element14.
  11. That would be very cheap if it comes with free shipping . But no thanks, I'm running a bit short.
  12. Here you go: http://flashandrc.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/thinkpad-keyboard-project-its-over/ and http://www.instructables.com/id/A-Better-ThinkPad-USB-Keyboard-Adapter/?ALLSTEPS. And RobG helped me with the caps questions so no worries.
  13. Yup... and that one looks a lot better too. Regarding DVCC, AVCC, do you know why there are so many capacitors between them? (Schematic from the page)
  14. After my ThinkPad keyboard project, I had surplus stock of F5502 QFN-48 chips, also because Element14 is having them on sale, so I made some breakout boards for them. I can't remember where I got the inspiration for the port and pins numbering from but I'm sure it was on this forum a few years ago. It should fit on a small breadboard though I haven't tested it yet. The boards include a BSL button as well as SBW lines (RTVG for Reset, Test, VCC, GND lines). Rev. 1 Gerbers Boards (DirtyPCBs sent me 20 boards of the design on the left so no resonators) Rev. 2 - Include resonator, c
  15. rampadc


    My F550x break out boards arrived today from DirtyPCBs. For this run, I tried out panelized PCBs with 2 designs. DirtyPCBs completely removed the right handed one and gave me 20 boards of only the left design Gerber: The boards:
  16. Unless you're living in the US, I find OSH Park quite expensive. The delivery time for me is about 2 weeks, pretty much the same as other Chinese manufacturers. If you try 5x5cm boards, OSH costs $19.75 for 3 boards while others charge $9.90 for 10 excluding shipping, or in DirtyPCBs case, $14 for 10 including shipping.
  17. rampadc


    High resolution is quite hard to get with my phone camera : and here's a close-up on the QFN pad:
  18. Ah okay, wait a few more days it is. Sent from my GT-I9295 using Tapatalk
  19. Is anyone else getting "Access Denied" when trying to download the BXL CAD file from TI's website? For example, try getting MSP430F5510's LQFP CAD file (http://www.ti.com/product/MSP430F5510/quality). It has always been available for download before. I sent a feedback to TI's web admin yesterday but haven't seen any changes. Does anyone know of an alternative source to get the 5510's CAD files? Thanks.
  20. rampadc


    PCBs from DirtyPCB.com arrive today. It's just like Elecrow, but $2 cheaper.
  21. Does anyone else have trouble importing the empty USB project? CCS keeps waiting for: file:///C:/ti/msp430/MSP430ware_1_80_01_03/usblib430/MSP430_USB_Software/MSP430_USB_API/examples/emptyUsbProject/specialtirex.html Other example projects import fine.
  22. Thanks for the correction Rob!
  23. Referring to http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Placing_Variables_in_Specific_Memory_Location_-_MSP430 and MSP430F5502 and MSP430F5510's LNK files, I made 2 matrix at locations 0x8000 and 0x7F80, so it may work on both chips. However, during compilation, there's this warning: #10325-D creating memory range $BOUND$0x7f80 to accommodate BOUND section ".TI.bound:m2" This prevents flashing the device and gave this error: MSP430: Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0x7f80 on Page 0 of Length 0x80: Could not write device memory MSP430: GEL: File: D:\MSP430_workspace\FixedPointFlash\Debug\Fixe
  24. I'm quite new to flash and memory management in general, so please bear with me. Firstly, I'm using TI compiler, where can I find this option? Secondly, in TI MSP430 Training ROM, it says: const: used to declare a constant, [...] It is stored in data memory, not in program memory. Is data memory flash or RAM? I declared my matrix using const. Thirdly, I'm only seen BSL being used for flashing a complete TI-TXT onto the uC. Would it be possible to use BSL to flash only that 256 bytes of memory?
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