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  1. Hey guys, Can I please get some feedback on a schematic for a USB/Bluetooth project before ordering the PCBs? [gone] The schematic is divided into 4 sections: power and Li-Po charger on the top left, a connector to external keyboard on the top right, MSP430F5502 on the bottom left and Bluetooth module connections near the bottom right. The two connectors down below are for programming the MSP and the Bluetooth module. The power and Li-Po section should allow a 1-cell Li-Po battery to be charged when USB is plugged in at 500mA charge rate. The 5V booster RT9361A steps 3.0V-4.2V o
  2. Oh yes Matlab is definitely being used for the theory. I did the course already and I'm just thinking of brushing up some practical experience. I've never written any code for control application. A model-based IDE is not a necessity, it just nice being able to to write up an application visually.
  3. Whoops I didn't read your original post carefully. You can't use driverlib for the G2203. The library doesn't support the G family.
  4. Just wondering, besides LabView full/pro and Matlab Embedded Coder (I don't think it supports MSP430 fully), are there any other model-based coder? I've been playing with VisSim for an hour or so but it's a very old program. It requires CCS 4.x and doesn't detect the newer v6. I'm thinking of redoing a control systems course in my spare time and being able to use a model-based IDE instead of a C one may help with giving better visual aid into what's happening.
  5. TI CCS is indeed the correct IDE for you to use. To use driverlib, I think you need to have MSP430ware installed. Go to CCS App Centre and check whether it's installed. If not, download it.
  6. You can also get a sub-$50 smartphone that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It probably won't have a long battery life though.
  7. I didn't do much planning to be honest. It's probably a better idea to have the flat surface facing down - much nicer contact on the flat wooden table surface. It shouldn't matter either way, the drill bit is 0.09mm smaller than the mount plastic poles from an actual TagConnect anyway.
  8. This is a adapter to make up a TagConnect 10-pin TC2050NL. It works very well with the current TagConnect PCB footprint. This post may be beneficial to those who can't buy a TagConnect cable due to high shipping prices or if local stores do not stock them. Cost per adapter is about $4 for me. Parts: + Pogopin P50-J1: http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6227387475.html + 0.9mm drill bits: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271617786070 + M3 standoff - up to 10mm. PCB: + Direct order from DIrtyPCB: http://dirtypcbs.com/view.php?share=1669&accesskey=1fb157c034189e070dded66a08caf57b I d
  9. I'm still working on my ThinkPad keyboard project. This time interfacing to a HM-10/HC-06 module with custom HID firmware. The code is ready to be loaded but the 5V boost IC just won't work properly
  10. You're looking into doing a lot of Bluetooth programming for this task as it is quite specific to what you want to do. You're also looking to spend $50+ on this by the way. There are a few choices available: - BLE112 with their custom BGScript that can act as both master and slave - TI's CC2540/1 mini development kit, seeing how most BLE devices nowadays use CC2541, it might be wise to get the corresponding dev kit. You will be tied to using the full version of IAR though. - CSR Bluecore4 - get BlueLab 4.1 and those HC-05, HC-06 modules. This path is the most difficult in my opinion as CSR
  11. Rochester stocks them for $3.00 a piece at qty of 1-24. Seems like a pretty good deal for you with about $10 shipping in the US. I have never bought anything from them before and probably never will since they charge $92 to ship to Australia. Link to part: https://www.rocelec.com/parts/details/?part=545a78fde4b009f18fb7a57c&build=0
  12. I'm not sure about DIP price increase, but LQFP pricing for the 550x series has definitely gone up for 25 quantity in the past year. Nice find on the price history, that's a neat feature.
  13. rampadc

    Bluetooth device

    HM-10, HM-11. Most if not all Bluetooth low energy modules on the web uses TI CC2540/1 chips, so if you enter CC2540 or CC2541 into any online shopping sites, it should return hundreds of BLE devices.
  14. rampadc


    The 0.9mm drill bits finally arrived today for my TagConnect 10-pin adapter. It was a quite hard to solder the bits as there wasn't sufficient exposed copper on the board but hot glue fixes anything.
  15. I'm inclined to back you as well but I'm a bit short at the moment. Will your kit be sold after Kickstarter and what will the price for the complete kit with 3.2" LCD be?
  16. Maybe you can add some intelligence to the rat-bots and have them run away from water sources (think flood), high vibration sources (think earthquakes) as well as adding a smell sensing module to detect sources of food.
  17. That is uber fancy! it has everything I need though I don't think I can afford one just yet.
  18. Connecting to multiple targets isn't necessary in my case. I just need maybe a small board that has a removable memory card. The user would copy a new firmware onto the card and flash his device with a push of a button. It's preferred if multiple firmwares are available to select. SBW is preferred in this case. I'm just reading through the app note on SBW at the moment and will look at ezFET Lite in a sec.
  19. Hey guys, is there a small device that lets you store firmwares in an SD card or other memory devices and flash MSP430 MCUs on-the-go without a computer? Preferably with a simple user interface for non-tech-savy users to select which firmware they need to flash. I can probably build one but it would be much nicer to use an existing solution. Thanks
  20. rampadc


    Sure, they're gonna be used as a substitute for an actual TagConnect TC2050 No Leg connector. Shops in Australia doesn't seem to stock these and shipping from the TC's website increases the total cost of 1 cable to $85, which is quite a bit much. I'm using pogo pins model P50-J1 from Aliexpress. The mounting holes of the actual TC2050 has a diameter of 0.991mm. It's very specific and I'm not sure where to get those from so for the time being, I'm getting 0.9mm carbide drill bits for now, which is very cheap in packs of 10 from eBay. If they don't fit into the footprint of a TC2050 snugly
  21. rampadc


    Besides the $20 watches that actually looks very nice, got my PCBs from DirtyPCBs. Normally for a panelized design, they cut and send me separate pieces, also they removed V-grooving from their capabilities a year ago, but this time they add V-groove to the boards!
  22. Hi, I have brushless motor with no hall sensors but I would like to attach a magnet to the shaft and use a magnetic encoder from AMS to control the position of the rotor shaft. Is it possible to do this using Instaspin-BLDC? Would attaching an encoder turns this into a sensored application and would using Instaspin helpful in that case? I'm aware of Instaspin-FOC and Instaspin-MOTION (I have an Instaspin-FOC Launchpad that I haven't touched yet) but the ICs are fairly expensive. I'm fairly new to BLDC motor control in general, it would be very helpful if I can get some answers to these que
  23. This is awesome! I love using Altium Designer, I used it in uni then bought a student license last year. Hehe you're way off, the student license is actually 1.5% of the cost of an individual license.
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