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  1. I would say it's more due to a lack of need. When a schematic is designed the end goal is usually to make a circuit board. So most PCB manufacturers require specific standards when it comes to board design format which is in the form of Gerbers and NC Drill files. Schematic formats vary with the different design packages used (as mentioned above), and as previously stated the most common form of sharing circuit schematics is through .PDF files. Also would like to mention CircuitBee again, its new but I've poked around the site a bit and it looks like it could become a useful tool for open
  2. Yeah its very disheartening, I think they only had 1000 available free so they are "out of stock" on the free kits.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Apparently the samples are out of stock, even though it doesn't mention it on the Maxim website. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saw this over on Dangerous Prototypes but figured I'd post it here as well. Apparently this was posted in April and there are 1000 available, but I ordered one today. You do unfortunately need a business or educational institution e-mail
  4. Hey Everyone, Known about the LaunchPad since it was released but have been too busy finishing my EE degree to order one...until now! To top it off I got the FraunchPad with the discount as well thanks to this fine site! So 2 development boards for about $20? Who could resist! Previously I have used TI's Zigbee compliant SoCs (CC2530) to research wireless sensor networks as part of a research grant. I am currently on an internship for a GPS tracking company that makes a bunch of cool products for tracking packages, vehicles, and people (Don't worry, only criminals!). Since I have all t
  5. Essentially yes, a jammer is basically an antenna that radiates at the same frequency band as the device it is trying to disrupt thus lowering the signal-to-noise ratio.
  6. I thought it was for an electric-related issue. maybe electrons don't know how to turn sharp corners... Here it is an explanation I've found(it comes from TI)" Just to elaborate on this... I recently finished designing my first PCB from the ground up at my internship and encountered the right angle trace problem. After talking to my PCB manufacturer I found that the main reason that right angle traces are not used is that they start to resemble antennas. They aren't very good antennas (Better than 45 degree angle traces) but they are antennas. They start to radiate badly with fast
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