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    kodi got a reaction from gsutton in Book Review: Getting Started with the MSP430 LaunchPad   
    Whoa, guys.
    As this conversation brought this book to my attention and it's actually on sale in the Elsevier's store for a tenner, I just decided to give it a go.
    My $0.02:
    1) The target of this book are beginners, newbies etc. who want to get things done and don't be scared about some details. It's very good approach for kids for example - my little one loves to put few pieces together in Scratch on RPi and have a blinking LED, or running light on the LED bar. She loves it (similar reaction was when I showed her CapTouch Booster pack), When she will be older I'll definitely want her to start on some high level language/IDE
    2) except for a few technicalities the book itself is nicely written. Language is simple, explaining most of the concepts in simple, human terms. There was mentioning about "languages"  here, I just got to this chapter and here is the full context (I hope I'm not breaking any rules giving this sample...):
    "Yes, it

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