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    kodi reacted to EdoNork in The MSP432 Launchpad   
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    kodi got a reaction from RROMANO001 in New MSP-EXP430FR6989 128KB FRAM Launchpad Discounted to $13.99   
    or Ireland - $21. I have one more "but" here. Lately they refused to send me some samples, because they don't think I'm a valid business entity. Seriously? I have registered R&D company in Ireland, my company is a part of bigger network of smaller design entities, We don't do production runs, though.
    I always loved the "I have an idea! let's try this"! Quick, crude design, datasheet digging, and we have an alpha stage. We need some ICs. Sample request to TI, 48 hours later smiling driver delivers the parts. 2 days later prototype is ready for code upload. One week and you can see if the idea was a crappy one or if you are onto something. I was always the "idea guy", leaving ironing out the smaller issues to my colleagues. Am I a preferred business partner for TI? Apparently not. I still refuse to jump on ARM bandwagon for simple things (like sensors or actuators) because I still believe the same results can be achieved using less power on simplier MCU platforms. 
    Really sorry for OT, but actually this Launchpad was the last straw for me. 
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    kodi reacted to roboteurs in Roboteurs - 3D Printed Robots   
    Update: We've decided to share the STL files for the Print-A-Bot ARM below - you can download them from our website here: http://roboteurs.com/collections/print-a-bot
    Hi Everyone,
    Great forum here at 43oh. We're new here, but was reached out on Twitter to share our new project / product we're working on. We're an education robotics startup in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario). 
    The product we've created is called the Print-A-Bot and it's a collection of 3D printed robots using the Launchpad MSP430. Our first model is the Print-A-Bot ARM.
    You can check it out at www.roboteurs.com
    We designed it in a way that you can print it yourself, even with a low resolution printer.
    We haven't posted the design files yet, but will soon.
    Please let us know what you think!

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    kodi got a reaction from abecedarian in Energia 15 available for download.   
    I love the review and simplicity of examples, thanks @@Rei Vilo
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    kodi got a reaction from veryalive in TI MSP430 New Year Deals, up to 60% off   
    Finally the FET is MINE (shipping was as always FAST - 2 days from US to Ireland - however they charged $21 for shipping this time).
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    kodi reacted to sq7bti in Daylight Saving Time detection and adjustment   
    Formulas for US and EU beginnings and endings of DST:
    For the United States:
    Begin DST: Sunday April (2+6*y-y/4) mod 7+1
    End DST: Sunday October (31-(y*5/4+1) mod 7)
    Valid for years 1900 to 2006, though DST wasn't adopted until the 1950s-1960s. 2007 and after:
    Begin DST: Sunday March 14 - (1 + y*5/4) mod 7
    End DST: Sunday November 7 - (1 + y*5/4) mod 7;
    European Economic Community:
    Begin DST: Sunday March (31 - (5*y/4 + 4) mod 7) at 1h U.T.
    End DST: Sunday October (31 - (5*y/4 + 1) mod 7) at 1h U.T.
    Since 1996, valid through 2099
    (Equations by Wei-Hwa Huang (US), and Robert H. van Gent (EC))
    taken from http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/i.html
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    kodi got a reaction from Fred in Noritake Graphic VFD 128x32 Free Sample   
    Not really - you can just fill out the form, add a contact info in the comment field and there is a chance if you get one They are friendly bunch of people, no harm to ask
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    kodi got a reaction from GeekDoc in Noritake Graphic VFD 128x32 Free Sample   
    Not really - you can just fill out the form, add a contact info in the comment field and there is a chance if you get one They are friendly bunch of people, no harm to ask
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    kodi reacted to bluehash in Members will now be warned for incorrect post content format.   
    Hello Everyone,
    Since the community is growing to larger numbers, it becomes difficult for moderators to keep editing posts that don't follow correct post etiquette.
    So far, there are only two major rules to follow about post content.
    1. Do NOT use dropbox, imgur or any other thirdparty links, if you care about this community. These links die off after a few years/months. Look around the major forums. Images dating back to 2010 are dead and the posts are useless. So please upload to 43oh.
    2. Please use the code tag to display code. It is much easier to read and you will most probably get an answer as members will at least try to browse through code. It is the "<>" button in your edit bar.
    The warning points makes it easier for us to let you know instead of spending alot of time everyday downloading and re-uploading images and editing posts. Warning points hold no value, they will not harm you. It is just to let you know. You must acknowledge the warning to continue posting.
    Thanks! Any concerns, please list them below.
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    kodi reacted to petertux in uCurrent power controller   
    thanks for your pointers. I did some quick tests by sending the differential output signal given by the uCurrent to some analogic pins on the msp and it hit me that that small ~10mV readouts are pretty much covered by noise. so I added a tiny 16bit ADC (ADS1110) to the schematic to hopefully better detect if the uCurrent is unused. overkill++
    oh and the input impedance will be somewhere between 700k-1.2M.
    I also decided to use a Li-ion 18650 cell (3.7V, 2600mAh) since I have a bunch of them lying arround and they fit great inside the uCurrent enclosure. these cells usually come in laptop battery packs.
    I thought Dave said he bought the world's stock of precision resistors.
    I see a pillow fight on the horizon
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    kodi got a reaction from petertux in uCurrent power controller   
    yeah, that's an overkill I just put 1.3Ah Li-Poly cell in the box and I'm done with it. I drilled a hole in the box and added JST connector for recharging.  For more advanced discharge control, you can just use onboard battery status chip (which is already in uCurrent) and connect it to a MOSFET, thus if battery status is not good it will cut off the power. With this li-po cell you will have up to 8 days to notice that you left it on
    As for skewing the results - it will skew them some, definitely. But how much I can check when I'll get back to my lab (IIRC input impedance for ADC is about 100k?)
    As for sending the gerbers to manufacture - I think the version on the eevblog site is not the final one yet I backed Dave on the Kickstarter, but with the current delivery time slip with one of the parts @ DigiKey means I'll have my unit probably April/May next year, so I'm thinking of building one myself
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    kodi got a reaction from Rei Vilo in Noritake Graphic VFD 128x32 Free Sample   
    Not really - you can just fill out the form, add a contact info in the comment field and there is a chance if you get one They are friendly bunch of people, no harm to ask
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    kodi reacted to abecedarian in Chronos and Fraunchpad on offer for the holidays!!!   
    Ignore my rant. The watch arrived and the account was charged. I wish they'd use proper language when describing the process.
    Having said that, my wife, I can confirm... she is a closet nerd.
    She had no interest in my Chronos at all, though she borrowed it occasionally.
    Now that she has one of her own she's been all over the TI wiki for it and such.
    The biggest issue now, is that for her to program it, she has to learn C.
    And when I say she has to learn C, she says "See what?"
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    kodi reacted to KatiePier in MSP430FR5969 Wolverine Issues   
    Hi @@amstan,
    I think I know what might be your problem.
    In the FR5969 user's guide section 8.3.1 on p. 310, it mentions that on this device, all port pins are not only Hi-Z at startup, but that the pin initialization that you do does not take effect until you clear the LOCKLPM5 bit in the PM5CTL register. This is different than most other MSP430s, so it's an easy step to miss.
    If you check the latest TI code examples for this device, this line has been added after GPIO initialization:
      PM5CTL0 &= ~LOCKLPM5;           // Disable the GPIO power-on default high-impedance mode                                   // to activate previously configured port settings Regards,
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    kodi got a reaction from roadrunner84 in MSP430FR5969 Wolverine Issues   
    Sorry for OT, but you can always make simple stencil from soda can, using the same method as etching PCBs, but with hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Takes 15 minutes (excluding scrubbing the internal layer of the can), Costs almost nothing and you have extra Coke to drink
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    kodi got a reaction from jpnorair in MSP430FR5969 Wolverine Issues   
    hydrochloric acid - just google nearby supplier (sometimes it's called muriatic acid), hydrogen peroxide - any chemist nearby should have it. 
    Just thermotransfer stencil image on the cleaned aluminium from the can (don't use sanding paper, just acetone + plastic scrubber), secure the area with tape, mix acid with hydrogen peroxide about 1:3,1:4. Etch for few minutes keeping eye on the process. When you see it's etched enough, rinse in the cold water. As I said - the whole process of etching takes maybe 10-15 minutes 
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    kodi got a reaction from bluehash in Embedded Systems Thanksgiving and Black Friday Deal List   
    BeagleBone for half price ($44.50) from TI: https://estore.ti.com/BeagleBN-BeagleBone-Development-Board-P4295.aspx
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    kodi got a reaction from bluehash in Book Review: Getting Started with the MSP430 LaunchPad   
    And this book is again on sale in Elsevier (as other technical books - just use CYBER50 code at the checkout for a nice discount)
    PS. And no, I'm not related to authors in any way
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    kodi reacted to jpnorair in STM32L vs. MSP430F5: What's left for MSP430?   
    Re the AVR stuff: In practice, MSP430 is lower-power than AVR.  MSP430 generally uses lower voltage, and it is quite a bit more code-efficient and IPC-efficient than AVR.... and AVR is quite a bit better in these respects than is PIC.  People maybe think that I don't like the MSP430, but that is incorrect.  I think it's great for a lot of things.  However, I think the AVR is a piece of outdated crap.  The G-series MSP makes AVR worthless to me.
    Anyway, more quantitative argument now:
    I am also most interested in the power-down mode that preserves a timer and the contents of RAM.  I think this is the mode that should be compared between micros, and for this the 328P is listed at about 1uA.  In any case, what can matter even more is the active mode, and the speed of entry from sleep into active mode.
    A common low-duty application has a timer and 1/1000 duty.  In other words, the MCU is active for 1 millisecond out of 1s.  If sleep is 1uA and active is 1mA, and duty is 1/1000, then average is 2uA.  This is actually the reason why STM32L works better for me than MSP430F5 does.  The sleep current is about the same, but during active mode STM32L uses 1mA to run the code in X ms, whereas MSP is using about 3mA to run the code in X ms.  AVR in active mode seems to need about double the current -- and often double the voltage -- to meet the runtime efficiency of the MSP430.  
    To give some real numbers, the Atmega 328P needs to run at about 20 MHz to match the STM32L doing 4.2 MHz.  The voltage here is ~1.8V for the STM32L and ~5V for the 328P, and the current is respectively 1mA vs. 20mA (est).  So, the STM32L is using less than 1/50 the power of the 328P to run the same code.  If STM32L needs 2uA in sleep, that extra 1uA is nothing compared to the savings in active mode, and not to mention the ability to run on two alkaline batteries without an SMPS.  The extra cost in batteries or SMPS outweighs the cost advantage of using the 328P in the first place.
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    kodi got a reaction from spirilis in programming a MSP430G2955?   
    Awesome :shock:  :thumbup:
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    kodi reacted to jazz in programming a MSP430G2955?   
    Picture (MSP430F2132) from http://e2e.ti.com

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    kodi reacted to Automate in Grove Booster Pack Design   
    A Grove Booster Pack has been developed on Upverter.

    A few words about the design.
    Seeed Studio's Grove I/O Expansion BoosterPack is designed to enable interfacing between Texas Instruments (TI) LaunchPads and the Grove modular electronics ecosystem. To provide a straightforward means of evaluating single function modules, such as sensors, actuators, and displays, with the embedded intelligence of a microcontroller platform, the Grove BoosterPack will streamline the process for entry level users, students, and hobbyists. Though oriented towards TI's 40-pin LaunchPad series, the Grove BoosterPack will also perform on TI's 20-pin LaunchPad series with a limited number of connectors.
    The Grove BoosterPack's full listing of features includes:
    Selectable module supply voltage of 3.3V or 5V Approximately 100 Grove modules to select from Shrouded, 4-pin buckle connectors to lock-in modules 23 total connectors13 Digital connectors 7 Analog connectors 3 Specialized connectors (UART, SPI, and I2C) For more information on TI's LaunchPads, visit www.ti.com/launchpad 
    For more information on Seeed Studio's Grove, visithttp://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/grove-t-3.html?ref=top
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    kodi got a reaction from spirilis in FET from China?   
    You were right writing "if you receive them" instead of "when". The seller didn't send the order in over a week. At the end it occurred that hi didn't have a clue about the difference between "lot" and "part". As the kit was consisting 4 parts, he just wrote a "lot". So in the end those $42 was for single unit, which he didn't have actually and had to source it first. I was happy enough with that approach to cancel the order. So sorry, no review this time :-(
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    kodi got a reaction from gsutton in Book Review: Getting Started with the MSP430 LaunchPad   
    Whoa, guys.
    As this conversation brought this book to my attention and it's actually on sale in the Elsevier's store for a tenner, I just decided to give it a go.
    My $0.02:
    1) The target of this book are beginners, newbies etc. who want to get things done and don't be scared about some details. It's very good approach for kids for example - my little one loves to put few pieces together in Scratch on RPi and have a blinking LED, or running light on the LED bar. She loves it (similar reaction was when I showed her CapTouch Booster pack), When she will be older I'll definitely want her to start on some high level language/IDE
    2) except for a few technicalities the book itself is nicely written. Language is simple, explaining most of the concepts in simple, human terms. There was mentioning about "languages"  here, I just got to this chapter and here is the full context (I hope I'm not breaking any rules giving this sample...):
    "Yes, it

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    kodi got a reaction from bluehash in Reflow Oven Booster Pack   
    It's in the first post:
    BTW: I'd love to purchase one, but cannot find any suitable IR oven in Europe. If anyone can direct me where to find one - I will greatly appreciate it Seriously - for example I was trying to find this B&D one and couldn't find it for less than $250 + shipping. 
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