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  1. username - you don't need BJT for triggering at all. Input is 3.3V compatible, so you can trigger it directly from MCU. Actually the sensor is 3.3V Vcc compatible, but max distance is dramatically reduced (to about 0.5m). AFAIK this sensor has minimum distance of about 20mm. OTOH I tried multiple sensors and all of them were performing with about 3mm accuracy up to 4 meters (I was using the Energia library for measurements). What I had to add was temperature coefficient (I'm measuring liquid levels outdoors).
  2. Just wanted to say warm hello to all I found about MSP430 about 6 months ago and fell in love with the series. I'm currently working on building sensors network inside and outside a house. The target is to build fully automated home heating solution. Of course in the meantime I need to build some tools like micro energy meters, energy harversters to power up the sensors etc, etc.
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